At its basic level, Gnosticism is a term coined by English philosopher Henry More in the 17th century to describe some heretical Christians in the Book of Revelation. At its most sophisticated level, it is experiencing the representation of The All — as the character Sophia does in the film A Dark Song (you can see this is in the post graphic above; and yes, her parallels to the Gnostic Sophia are obvious including disobedience and redemption).

In between, it has been my hope through various media to reveal to you what is Gnosticism and how to harness it for a modern existence. At the very least, I hope audiences have been entertained in an increasingly serious universe that no longer reveres trickster deities.

So please allow me to introduce my latest effort, the video What is Gnosticism?

I’m truly grateful for the breathtaking work of filmmaker Gary Lauten. In my view, Gary accurately captured the essence of Gnostic spirituality. I can’t thank him enough. I certainly can and will thank all patrons and members who helped make this possible with support. Obrigado!

For the written content, please see my article A Definition of Gnosticism Even Saklas Will Get. And there is more to the video than a definition, as you will see.

Check it out and then more missives at the bottom:

I recently appeared in two very cool podcasts with aeonic hosts. Check out my interview on:

What’s Your Theory and Psilly Rabbits

Other than that, let me know your thoughts on the video. We hope to bring more visual heresy to expand Gnostic awareness, so please support below to make this happen:



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