A special doubleheader:

First, the AB Live audio version of Filmmaker Ron James joining us for a phenomenal, eye-opening documentary. Join us as we explore the most exciting and important aspects of UFOs. We deep-dived into the UFO phenomena and exposed many truths, from alien abductions to secret government programs. We also got the most profound insights from many of today’s leading minds in the field: Colonel John Alexander, Lue Elizondo, Christopher Mellon, Nick Pope, Richard Dolan, and Dr. Michio Kaku.

Then a stellar interview with Barbara DeLong, discussing her new book, Beyond Roswell, which she co-authored with Ken Goudsward. The public’s perception of UFOs starting in 1947 is just a continuation of a long-standing pattern. In fact, there are many documented historical sightings of unidentified flying objects prior to the Roswell event, with some of the records stretching back to ancient times. According to the book’s findings, no other phenomenon has been as consistent and well-documented over time, with as many sightings, reports, and discussions, as UFOs.

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