A unique book has just been published, endorsed by such lauded Gnostic experts as Elaine Pagels, Robert Price, and Lance Owens. It is both a heart-wrenching biography and a penetrating exposition on Gnosticism, full of orthodox deconstruction and dark parody. It is also a Jungian treatise on the nature of fallen men and fallen gods, brimming with the lore of ancient alchemists. In other words, it’s a new Gnostic Gospel. This work focuses on an often-overlooked cornerstone of Gnostic thought: the timeless love story of Christ and Sophia. From the elegant Valentinian myths to the romance of the Red King and White Queen manifesting in tales across the eons — we find how this transcendental story revealed itself in the life of a man and his struggle with family loss; and how it may reveal itself in your life in times when wholeness is the only answer to tragedy.

Astral Guest — Fady Riad, author of The Gospel of Lie: A Grieving Christian Searches the Bible for a New Jesus


The Timeless Love Story of Christ & Sophia Aeon Byte: The Timeless Love Story of Christ & Sophia with Fady Riad

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