What would happen today if the Apostle Thomas (the Gnostic version) arrived today? Would he be a three-eyed, alien-possessed revolutionary as portrayed by Philip K. Dick? Would he be the eternal doubter, that embracing of skepticism Gnosticism demands as it puts its finger through manifest reality? How would be spread his necessary Gnosis?

We know now, according to past guest and brilliant researcher John Munter. He provided at the Inner Sanctum of Gnostic Group the sayings of the Gospel of Thomas in Twitter-Esque shortness, something today’s goldfish attention span crowds might understand.

Yes, the below sayings are based on the Gospel of Thomas’ 114 logia. If you want the exact parallel, please check it out here.

Either way, I think you’ll find these sayings not only Gnostic at their core but useful as daily affirmations to uncover the divine part of yourself.

So please enjoy:


1) Immortality is possible through obtaining wisdom.

2) Find immortality in the higher self.

3) Sophia is inside you and outside you.

4) Nurse on divine love.

5) Divine love reveals All.

6) Do what you receive.

7) Digest demiurges humanly.

8) Don’t sweat the small stuff, stay with the higher self.

9) The Higher Self is a huge harvest.

10) It is kindling a fire.

11) The fire’s light is total freedom.

12) Freedom of the light is both earthly and heavenly.

13) The light is ecstasy and heresy.

14) Heal with high vibration, not technique.

15) Heaven is immaterial

16) Have unity in religion not division

17) The Kingdom is immaterial

18) The Kingdom is outside of time and space

19) There are five paradaisical dimensions of the astral world as well.

20) Heaven is a thought not a machine.

21) Harvest only the fruits of the Spirit in life.

22) Nurse on Sophia to re-make yourself.

23) You will recognize the light in others.

24) Light lights up the world.

25) See your light through others.

26) Renounce judgement of others.

27) Fast from the world

28) Don’t be drugged by the world but filled from within.

29) Know the Great Wealth of Sophia in poverty of earth.

30) Be entangled with the One, not with archons.

31) Don’t worry about rejection.

32) The higher self cannot be destroyed nor made invisible.

33) Let your light shine.

34) Don’t follow blind guides.

35) Don’t let blind guides bind your hands with busy work.

36) Don’t worry about stuff.

37) Don’t worry about dying in order to see the Spirit.

38) Don’t look to the outer for answers.

39) Look to the esoteric not authorities for answers.

40) Outer faith will be destroyed.

41) Use what you have and you will get more.

42) “Become passersby”

43) Don’t be factional.

44) Only you can forgive yourself by making amends

45) The heart is known by its fruit.

46) Know the Primal Adam and surpass John the Baptist.

47) Knowing your higher self makes you a new person.

48) You can see outside the time stream.

49) Know your election and find the Kingdom.

50) Seek movement of the Spirit and repose in the higher self.

51) The future is now in the higher self.

52) The past is now in the Holy Spirit.

53) Just care about the Spirit not the form.

54) Blessed are the poor in knowing the Kingdom.

55) Let go of personal attachments.

56) The world is a corpse.

57) Don’t over react to evil and destroy the good.

58) Burdens build character.

59) Know the Holy Spirit in life so you will recognize it in death.

60) Jesus was a Samaritan and Romans made him a predator.

61) Divided loyalties kill but in death one can be filled with light.

62) Don’t let the Fundamentalists know everything the Light is doing.

63) Wealth kills the Spirit.

64) Buying, selling, and trading makes one too busy to enjoy the feast of the Spirit.

65) The generosity of the higher self is a threat to the powerful.

66) The builders have rejected the unifying keystone of the higher self.

67) Rejecting the ecstasy of unity is complete deficiency

68) Blessed are the persecuted who have discovered the persecutors deficiency.

69) The persecuted without are the blessed within.

70) Bring the within without to not spiritually die.

71) Jesus’ death was a conscious choice and he isn’t coming back.

72) Physicality is division. Jesus is a unifier.

73) The harvest of light is great but few work at it.

74) There are many in spiritual congregations but few in the well of the higher self.

75) There are many who worship together but the bridal chamber is a solitary marriage.

76) The bridal chamber is selling what you have to buy the pearl of great price.

77) The Pearl is omnipresence inside wood and stone.

78) The truth is in the desert of the real, not in the elite in fine clothes.

79) Forget special people and listen and follow the higher self.

80) Spirit interpenetrates the world but the higher self is superior.

81) Spirit leads to the higher self which then renounces worldly power.

82) The higher self is like a fire.

83) Your light is within your higher self, The Father’s Image is within his Light.

84) Your pre-existing higher self ‘Image’ is a reservoir of such ecstasy!

85) Adam from the Father and the Mother was not wise like you and suffered death.

86) The higher self finds no ‘rest’ in sex, so Adam died.

87) Wretched is the soul attached to several bodies in a ‘committed relationship’.

88) Angels are conduits of your spirituality whom you truly desire.

89) Don’t worry about the outside of the cup, just what you scry within it.

90) Scrying is easy, not scary, and where you find repose.

91) Don’t look without, try to understand how to look within.

92) Seek and find now that you are ready.

93) Don’t tell everybody about scrying since they are not ready for it.

94) You need to seek in order to find.

95) Don’t lend money at interest, you don’t need it.

96) Sophia within creation expands it like yeast in dough.

97) The body is a broken jar that can only handle so much ecstasy.

98) Practice with the sword of the Spirit in little things before challenging your ego.

99) Practice letting go of your personal life.

100) Give the State and outer religion its’ due but follow the inner self.

101) The true Mother of Jesus is Sophia leading to the higher self.

102) Religious authorities are asleep at the wheel, yet upset the faithful.

103) Build your reservoirs of ecstasy preparing for attack through detachment.

104) Reside in the Bridal Chamber of the Father and Mother.

105) The Mother is the One who fell into materiality.

106) Becoming one with your higher self, you can see and be outside the time stream.

107) The higher self is a dimensional shift taking work but well worth it.

108) Become one with the ecstasy of Jesus and Sophia and know the hidden.

109) People have sold out their birth right and so are abused by religion

110) Whoever finds Sophia in the world, move on to the higher self.

111) The 3 heresies from 13 are: viewing heaven, knowing immortality and the higher self.

112) Don’t manipulate the divine or make special the flesh.

113) The Kingdom is everywhere.

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