Rising accounts of extraterrestrial encounters indicate that something momentous is happening across society. Even the mainstream media have started reporting on the sightings from military pilots around the world. Are we being observed and visited by beings from another planet or a different space-time dimension? Is this just mass projection or some big reveal coming from some faction? We deal with all these questions from various angles that include scientific, spiritual and psychological – tapping into the ideas of impactful thinkers like Richard Dolan, John Lamb Lash, Carl Jung, Rudolph Steiner, Patrick Harpur, and more.

Astral Guest – Daniel Pinchbeck, author of The Occult Control System: UFOs, aliens, other dimensions, and future timelines.

As a bonus, Scott Smith, author of God Reconsidered, joins us for a Trimorphic Paranoia, sharing his ideas and experiences on UFOs, including the possibility it’s all the Archons.

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