Recent scholarship argues that original Christianity was comprised of a spirit-possession cult that owed allegiance to the mysterious Queen of Heaven (later associated with Sophia). These Nazar or “priests of Melchizedek” would evolve into formative Gnostics and compete with orthodox Jewish and Christian strains. We deeply explore these primordial Christians and their tenets, covering so many developing works and heretical figures — including Simon Magus, Paul of Tarsus, Basilides, Cerinthus, the Ebionites, Valentinus, the Book of Revelation, the canonical Gospels, and much more. All of this leads to the chameleon nature of the ultimate trickster deity: Jesus Christ.

Astral Guests — Tim Claason, publisher of Tim Stepping Out, and Alex Rivera, author of Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled and Crimson Dusk.

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