Talking gnosis at the Virtual Alexandria

Good news for those of you who would like to talk now and then, instead of just listening! The Virtual Alexandria has opened a Gnostic discussion board at the Mundus Imaginalis.

Everyone who wants to discuss gnosis, gnostics or gnosticism is welcome to join us there. Part of the board can be read without registration, but if you want to participate you’ll need to register for a (free) forum account.

Of course, we couldn’t be considered gnostically inclined if we left it at the mercy of theoretical considerations only.
Didn’t the Spirit of the Depth, in Carl Jung’s Red Book, say something to the effect of “Have you counted the murderers among the scholars?”

That’s why we don’t just accommodate discussions, but advise and resources as well, plus the invaluable experiences of like-minded individuals who want to try their luck venturing into the Mundus Imaginalis themselves.

Because of the somewhat sensitive nature of some of the material there (e.g. about entheogens) this forum isn’t visible by default, but access can be given on request.

We also provide a Red Pill Cooperation: a section for whatever results from those trips to the Perilous Realm, whether that’s in prose or poesy or imagery (or what have you) – it might be just the nudge somebody else is waiting for.

Note that there already are some discussions on the forum, mostly from 2013-2015. These have been carried over from an experimental forum (titled Anima Mundi).
We felt they would provide some initial furniture, but feel absolutely free to continue the discussions in those threads if you want.

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How, why, what?

The board is a combined initiative from and a forum dedicated to gnosis based on the work of J.R.R. Tolkien* (titled Ilsaluntë Valion, The Silver Ship of the Valar **).
That forum has been around since late 2007, and it was felt that it would be a good idea to seek more interaction with those interested in gnosis *in general*, while providing with a discussion board at the same time.

The content of Ilsaluntë Valion has been moved under a separate section on the new board and remains accessible for existing members. Some parts are visible (read-only) by default. That’s because we want to respect privacy and authorship of the existing members. Of course it has always been possible to join Ilsaluntë Valion for those who were interested. That won’t change: if you’re interested in that particular branch of gnosis we can give you access to the rest as well.

I hope I’ll meet you in Virtual Alexandria!


forum admin


* in a recent Aeon Byte show Miguel interviewed Lance Owens, who created a very interesting lecture series about this author:

Lecture I: The Discovery of Faerie
Lecture II: Tolkien at the Crossroads
Lecture III: Tolkien and the Imaginative Tradition

Illustrated versions are available on

* Stephan Hoeller also gave a 7-part series of lectures titled “JRR Tolkien’s gnosis for our day”. The introductory first of that series is free: 

JRR Tolkien’s Gnosis for our day

The rest can be purchased at

** Hence the banner image of the forum: it is inspired by the notion of sailing into the West, taking the mythical straight road to Valinor (the ‘blessed realm’)

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