The membership and impact of Freemasonry seem to dwindle. An overlooked form of Freemasonry might be the answer to those seeking an experience over networking, introspection over materialism. This Freemasonry allows women into its ranks and fully embraces the mystic sensibilities of old secret societies and the mystery religions. We understand the mostly untold story of these liberal Freemasons, Le Droit Humain, from their origins in the 19th century to their modern tenets that draw from the wisdom of Hermeticism. We also delve into Freemasonry proper, exploring its origins, influences, and vast symbolism — from the Knights Templar to Theosophy, from King Solomon to Rosicrucianism, finally addressing the issue of its influence on Western Society and the many new world orders that seek to enslave humanity.

Astral Guest — Darren Lorente Bull, co-author of More Light: Today’s Freemasonry for Men and Women  (with Julian Rees)

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Spiritual Freemasonry Aeon Byte: Spiritual Freemasonry with Darren Lorente Bull

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