We explore a new and exciting novel that is partially based on the darker side of occultism— accurately drawing from forbidden grimoires and historical demonic rituals. Continuing a lesson of dealing with power-hungry gods, we deconstruct Darren Aronofsky’s misunderstood film Mother!, mining this Gnostic tale for arcane revelations on the archetypal fallen goddess. We end this left-hand magical journey by analyzing several classic horror movies including Rosemary’s Baby, Angel Heart, and Jacob’s Ladder, again returning to the themes of Archons ruling a prison planet with impunity and what to do about it. This includes understanding the social/supernatural forces that influenced the creators of these films, some accounts the stuff of conspiracy theory dreams and MKUltra factories.

Astral Guest — Robert Sullivan, author of Cinema Symbolism 2 and A Pact with the Devil (Witches of Highgate).

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