A special show: three preeminent Gnostic scholars explain the Secret Book of John. Many experts claim this text is the complete Gnostic Gospel since it covers so many doctrines and myths — from the pre-creation story to the fall/redemption of Sophia; from the Demiurge in the Garden of Eden to the battle of Christ against the Archons…and so much more. Beyond deeply mining this forbidden work — from origins to theology — we compare it to other ancient writings like the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Judas, and the Bible itself. More than exploring the Secret Book of John, this is a spanning odyssey of the Sethian and other Gnostic traditions and culture.

Astral Guests — Stevan Davies, author of The Secret Book of John: The Gnostic Gospels—Annotated & Explained, Karen King, author of
The Secret Revelation of John
, and John Turner, author of Gnosticism and Later Platonism: Themes, Figures, and Texts.

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