Death welcomes everyone, just as the Holiday Season does (and you’ll find the connection between the two). Today’s greatest personification of death is Santa Muerte or “Holy Death.” This deity/saint is associated with protection and safe passage to the afterlife, as well as a patron to those marginalized in society. We explore the rituals, theology, and history of Santa Muerte, including her syncretic origins in European and Aztec lore. Even more, we study the female death goddess in many traditions, some very ancient, and how she can still be a powerful assistant to humanity. And how this archetype eerily parallels the Gnostic Sophia. Lastly, we find straightforward methods for working with Holy Death that may be easily incorporated into your own devotional practice.

Astral Guest — Tracey Rollin, author of Santa Muerte: The History, Rituals, and Magic of Our Lady of the Holy Death.

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