Heya heretics,

And now for something completely different. Like my last video, not really that different here in the Desert of the Real. It started as my testing of some animation software for a client and then going down a rabbit hole (and feeling I should give a nod to those Troy McClure scenes in The Simpsons). I consider this my Super Bowl commercial, so please enjoy.

Ever feel like Johnny? That your normal life is neither normal nor a life…that there is something synthetic and dark once you peer through the veil of “normality?” Go on an adventure with Johnny.


AB Live this Weekend!


Join us this Friday at 8PM Central for AB Live (and Halloween Special). It’s the scariest Halloween ever, thanks to COVID and the presidential campaign, with an irreverent discussion of popular esoteric beliefs, from the Illuminati and astrology to Kabbalah and the Course in Miracles. And yes, we’ll discuss the election and the virus.

We are joined by Scott Smith, Christian Smith, Sandra Wells, and the MoonDog.

Bring your costumes and questions.  Jump in at 8 PM central on my YouTube channel.

This is the first of two Halloween specials, so stay tuned for the second one on Halloween night. Count on a study of demons and delving into an underrated horror master: Clive Barker.

Please don’t forget about the new merch store and my voice over services. I can bring magic and professionalism to your audiobook, podcast, commercial, or video game narration. Definitely don’t forget about the Finding Hermes program. I’ve already presented some cool talks on Gnostic chants, magic vowels, the eucharist, and eating a god. Everyone went back to the Kenoma with new tools to navigate the Black Iron Prison.

Thanks for being here, for being yourself…your true self…here in the Desert of the Real.

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