The title says it all, almost. This Saturday, January 30 at 7-9 PM Central.

Beyond the radio (not killed by the video star), you can live stream it at worldwide.  A recording of the show will eventually be available here and Magick Radio’s podcast hosting site.

Here is an excerpt of the promo:

Our friend Miguel Conner of Aeon Byte, a well-respected online talk show about Gnosticism, will be joining us this Saturday. The topic will be Gnosticism, ancient and modern. Listeners who wish to call in with comments or to share their experiences should call us during the program at 312.985.7834 or send us a Facebook message.

I certainly look forward to it and hope to you see you Truthseeker Warriors there, calling in even. Much appreciation to the wonderful Lainie for inviting me, and I hope to make the cause of heresy proud.


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