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Get access to complete episodes and more than 15 years of Gnostic wisdom not found anywhere in cyberspace or meatspace!  No contract or minimum payment. (Save 20% on annual subscription).

Other bonuses include:

  • Invitation to the Inner Sanctum of Gnosis private Facebook group and my Discord channel
  • Private RSS feed to listen to shows on the podcast provider of your choice
  • More than 500 episodes with the best and brightest in Gnosticism, Western Esoterica, and Freethought
  • Exclusive content like videos and articles



All other benefits from AB Prime.

Welcome to a Gnostic community! We’ll meet twice a month on a Zoom group, one hour each (or as long as it takes).

First meeting: Roundup and Gnosticism discussion.

We only scratch the surface with our monthly guests. This adventure is the chance to cover show topics and ask questions like:

  • What did you think about the guests’?
  • What are some insights that we didn’t cover that complete the show’s experience?
  • What exercises and ideas did the guest offer that we can apply to our lives?

This meeting will also cover Gnosticism in general, from an intellectual and practical aspect. This is your chance to ask me about Gnosticism, the Gnostics, and Gnosis.

Second meeting: Praxis, ritual, and healing.

I will share unique spiritual and magical insights that are loyal to ancient Gnosticism, as well as other techniques to find your Hermes. We can share as a group our issues and what’s working for us in these turbulent times. Let’s write our own gospel and live our own myth.

Some of the presentations already available for you:

  • Gnostic magical vowels exercises
  • Gnostic sacramental rituals
  • Ascension rituals in the Book of Jeu
  • Sex Magic rituals from various Gnostic groups
  • Entheogen-use in ancient Gnosticism
  • Who is Abraxas?

And more! This includes several exclusive collaterals to download.

Recordings are always available if you miss any presentation.

This is becoming a thriving Gnostic community. 



All other benefits from above.

Let’s work together. We’ll meet once a month privately for an hour talk. What you want to talk about will be discussed beforehand

  • Issues, questions, and lessons about Gnosticism & Hermeticism
  • Rituals you’re seeking to expand consciousness and overcome problems.
  • Addiction help from an esoteric stance
  • Jungian shadow work, complex, trauma, or anima/animus coaching

Whatever you want, we’ll find new dimensions of yourself that will remove the archons from your life and expand your consciousness to contact higher worlds.

Expect exclusive resources before and after.


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