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Heretics Anonymous 4: Aliens, Politics & the Fall of Materialism

Alex Tsakiris joins Heretics Anonymous to discuss a variety of incendiary topics. We were also joined by Occult Fan and the Moondog Vance, all of us reflecting on 2018 and speculating on 2019 from an Esoteric perspective. It was a disturbing but amazing discussion, always brimming with humor and personal insight.

As a bonus, I include a past interview with Alex that focuses on his book Why Science is Wrong About Almost Everything.



Heretics Anonymous 4: Aliens, Politics & the Fall of Materialism Aeon Byte: Heretics Anonymous 4: Aliens, Politics & the Fall of Materialism with Alex Tsakiris

Jung, Addiction, and Archetypal Evil

Many are unaware that CG Jung’s ideas were instrumental in the creation of Alcoholic Anonymous. Even less know that Jung and Bill Wilson, the co-founder of AA, corresponded late in their lives. Their exchange provided unique insights into addiction, recovery, and the nature of evil. What we gained is the Gnostic solution to the problem of theodicy, as well as the means for an alchemical redemption every person can attain.

Astral Guest — David Schoen, author of The War of the Gods in Addiction: C.G. Jung, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Archetypal Evil.

As a bonus, Scott Smith, author of God Reconsidered, joins us for a Trimorphic Paranoia, sharing his own experiences with alcoholism, Jungian solutions, and cosmic iniquity.


Jung, Addiction, and Archetypal Evil Aeon Byte: Jung, Addiction, and Archetypal Evil with David Schoen

Heretics Anonymous 3: The Hammer of the Oligarchs

In episode three of Heretics Anonymous, Joe Atwill joins us to explain how the elite have debased and manipulated society across a history they keep rewriting. From the Roman invention of orthodox religion to the banker invention of authoritarian governments, from the Mason engineering of world wars to the Nazi engineering of modern propaganda, we leave no blood-stained stone unturned. In the end, the goals of the oligarchs are ultimately about the extermination of human free thought and free will. Occult Fan joins us as well to create a Trinity of veil-lifting.


Heretics Anonymous 3: The Hammer of the Oligarchs Aeon Byte: Heretics Anonymous 3: The Hammer of the Oligarchs with Joe Atwill

Strieber, Dick, Castaneda and other Prisoners of Infinity

What if Whitley Strieber, Philip K. Dick, Carlos Castaneda, and other modern magical thinkers were creations of MKUltra laboratories? What if their work was part of a plot to manifest the dark apocalypses of transhumanism, AI, and eugenics? We explore these and other possibilities — even peering behind the curtains of Ufology and the Occult to catch Moloch men and their social engineering machinations.

Astral Guest — Jasun Horsley, author of Prisoner of Infinity: UFOs, Social Engineering, and the Psychology of Fragmentation.


Strieber, Dick, Castaneda and other Prisoners of Infinity Aeon Byte: Strieber, Dick, Castaneda and other Prisoners of Infinity with Jasun Horsley

The Spiritual Meaning of the Sixties

We uncover the spiritual meaning that fueled the artistic, political, and social revolutions of the 1960s. This includes investigating the Gnostic, Hermetic, and Occult influences of that decade. From John Lennon’s understanding of Gnosticism to Pink Floyd’s marketing of Gnosis, we leave no acid-soaked unturned. Ultimately, we find out what went wrong with the Sixties, at the same time distilling insights that might rejuvenate our colorless times.

Astral Guest — Tobias Churton, author of The Spiritual Meaning of the Sixties: The Magic, Myth, and Music of the Decade That Changed the World


The Spiritual Meaning of the Sixties Aeon Byte: The Spiritual Meaning of the Sixties with Tobias Churton

Heretics Anonymous Episode 1 & 2

As requested by many, behold the audio version of the first two episodes of our YouTube Live series, Heretics Anonymous. What is Heretics Anonymous? It’s a more organic, conversational, and roundtable manifestation of Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio. Get ready for high weirdness and Gnosis on Red Bull with these august guests:

  • Tracy Twyman
  • Alex Rivera
  • Occult Fan
  • Vanessa Kindell

For members, you get almost three hours of liberating heresy on various current and perennial topics. About half of that for nonmembers. Nothing was scripted or edited, and everything was allowed. Hope you enjoy and always look forward to your feedback as I continue to, as Philip K. Dick said, bring you Gnostic Gnosis in a trashy form (and various formats).

Write your own Gospel and live your own Myth.


Heretics Anonymous Episode 1 & 2 Aeon Byte: Heretics Anonymous Episode 1 & 2 with Various Guests

Persian Gnosticism

Persian culture and Zoroastrianism are main but often-ignored foundations of Western Culture. Also overlooked are the profound Gnostic ideas in the primordial teachings of Zarathustra. Persian Gnosticism permeated religious history for centuries across Eurasia, manifesting as a threat to orthodoxy with such movements as Manichaeism, Zurvanism, Mazdakism, and Sufism. We explore this heretical stream, as well as the rich tradition of Persian magic and folklore — culminating with author Sadegh Hedayat, whose work parallels that of Philip K. Dick, Frans Kafka, Henry Corbin, and other modern masters of imaginal Gnostic thinking.

Astral Guest – Jason Reza Jorjani, author of Novel Folklore.


Persian Gnosticism Aeon Byte: Persian Gnosticism with Jason Reza Jorjani

Ancient Codes, Anunnaki and Unmasking the Archons

Let’s find the men behind all curtains that have kept humanity enslaved for millennia. From ancient Egypt to Sumer to the face on Mars, from the Anunnaki to the Illuminati to modern banking cartels — we expose the alien forces that pull the strings of all world governments and religions across history. This quest of astrotheology, revelation, and sacred geometry also reveals the ancient codes that can awaken us to a cosmic destiny written in the very stars.

Astral Guest — Michael Feeley, author of Ancient Codes, A Serpent Fire.


Ancient Codes, Anunnaki and Unmasking the Archons Aeon Byte: Ancient Codes, Anunnaki and Unmasking the Archons with Michael Feeley

Tarot Magic and Correspondences

We explore the images, associations, and myths that have allowed the tarot to resonate across many centuries and cultures – as well as the astrological, elemental, and Kabbalistic correspondences woven into every deck. Ultimately, what you will discover is the mystic components of the tarot that allow you to live a magical life and embrace a path of liberating self-knowledge.

Astral Guest— T. Susan Chang, author of Tarot Correspondences: Ancient Secrets for Everyday Readers, as well as Lecturer in English Language & Literature at Smith College. 11/07/2018 Tarot Magic and Correspondences Aeon Byte: Tarot Magic and Correspondences with Susan Chang

A Gnostic View of Death, the Afterlife, and Embodiment

It’s our Halloween Special and Harvest Season extravaganza! So why not discuss the notions of death, the afterlife, and embodiment, from a Gnostic perspective? Why not scare up the parallel topics of reincarnation, demon-possession, and talking to spirits? Our heretical group discussion will cover all of this and more, from confronting the reality of the Demiurge to speculating whether our pets get into the Pleroma — and so much in between.

Astral Guests — Christian Smith and Scott Smith, author of God Reconsidered. 10/29/2018 A Gnostic View of Death, the Afterlife, and Embodiment Aeon Byte: A Gnostic View of Death, the Afterlife, and Embodiment with Scott and Christian Smith

Mesmerism and Defeating Fate

Mesmerism is considered the precursor to hypnotism, but in reality it is an esoteric discipline of consciousness-expansion that draws from many ancient traditions such as Hermeticism, Kabbalah, and Gnosticism. Mesmerism calls upon inner and outer presences that unlock the divine potential of the universe and beyond. We understand the history, philosophy, and gifts of Mesmerism, and how it is once again rising in the West. And we also explore the unique way the Gnostics and other mesmeric mystics radically dealt with the concept of fate, all for the ultimate liberation of the soul.

Astral Guest — Lee Gerrard-Barlow, Hypnotherapist, NLP Coach, and Magnetic Therapist. 10/21/2018 Mesmerism and Defeating Fate Aeon Byte:Mesmerism and Defeating Fate with Lee Gerrard-Barlow

Greta Garbo, Theosophy, and Becoming Self-Actualized

Beyond one of the greatest movie stars in history, Greta Garbo was a living embodiment of self-actualization, reaching peak experiences, and the Gnostic Sophia herself. She was also a secret occultist, Theosophist, and activist who rubbed shoulders with famed mystics of the 20th century. From battling archons in Hollywood to plotting against Adolf Hitler to transcending mundane matter, we deeply explore the very remarkable soul that was Garbo.

Astral Guest — Moon Laramie, author of Spirit of Garbo. 10/14/2018 Greta Garbo, Theosophy, and Becoming Self-Actualized Aeon Byte:Greta Garbo, Theosophy, and Becoming Self-Actualized with Moon Laramie

Precognition and Time Loops

We explore the principles that allow the future to affect the present, and the present to affect the past, without causing paradox. We also deconstruct the powerful taboos that, for centuries, have kept mainstream science from taking phenomena like retrocausation and precognition seriously. This leads us to understand we are four-dimensional creatures that sometimes get caught in time loops. To fully decipher the transcendent Gnosis of remembering the future, we look at the lives and visions of Philip K. Dick, CG Jung, HR Giger, and other esoteric exemplars.

Astral Guest – Eric Wargo, author of Time Loops: Precognition, Retrocausation, and the Unconscious. 10/04/2018 Precognition and Time Loops Aeon Byte:Precognition and Time Loops with Eric Wargo

Lucifer, Ancient Meteorites and Astral Portals

Could Lucifer actually be an entity from beyond the stars, and not an archetype or spiritual ideal? Could astral portals in the Iberian Peninsula provide seekers with high states of awareness? These possibilities are found in a writer’s remarkable journey, which also encountered a secret society — preserved since antiquity — that influenced illustrious figures such as Salvador Dali, Jean Cocteau, Otto Rahn, and Howard Hughes, and even Bérenger Saunière (the cryptic priest of Rennes-le-Château). In the end, what the author discovered was an ancient drama for the soul of humanity.

Astral Guest — Patrice Chaplin, author of The Stone Cradle and Lucifer by Moonlight. 09/23/2018 Lucifer, Ancient Meteorites and Astral Portals Aeon Byte:Lucifer, Ancient Meteorites and Astral Portals with Robert Bonomo

The Tarot and the 21 Faces of God

A new film takes viewers on an evocative journey through the paths of divinity – using the Tarot as an archetypal map. This visionary work draws heavily from the wisdom of the Gnostics, Alchemists, Hermetics, CG Jung, Joseph Campbell, and more. Beyond an exploration of human apotheosis, the movie finds cultural solutions in an age of trickster trump cards and the disintegration of traditional socio-political models.

Astral Guest — Robert Bonomo, writer and director of The 21 Faces of God, as well as author of Cactus Land. 09/13/2018 The Tarot and the 21 Faces of God Aeon Byte:The Tarot and the 21 Faces of God with Robert Bonomo

Hidden Meanings & Structure in the Gospel of Thomas

Scholars generally argue that the Gospel of Thomas is a loose collection of saying, a kinda “great hits” of early Christianity. Instead, what if this text was a coherent and a graduate mystery school course on attaining the higher self. We explore this argument, including other Gnostic Gospels that tie into a parallel stream of ancient secrets, including Dialogue with Savior, the First Apocalypse of James, and the Gospel of Philip. All these ideas point to the possibility Jesus survived the crucifixion and headed to the East. And that his real identity was that of a notorious Samaritan magician.

Astral guest —  John Munter, author of The Samaritan Jesus and The Integral Gospel of Thomas Made Easy. 09/03/2018 Hidden Meanings & Structure in the Gospel of Thomas Aeon Byte:Hidden Meanings & Structure in the Gospel of Thomas with John Munter

Gnosticism, Heresy, and Chaos Magic in the Digital Age

Are Left-Hand Path traditions amplified or constrained in the online universes? Is Gnosis more available in a digital time of fluid identities or harder to attain in cyberlands of mob censorship? We take an in-depth exploration of these and other modern issues — including the whitewashing of past controversial figures, nonphysical esoteric communities, and the relevance of meme magic. In the end, spiritual liberation lies in questing back in history to encounter forgotten gods, forbidden figures, and lost teachings.

Astral Guest – Steve Dee, author of The Heretic’s Journey: Spiritual Freethinking for Difficult Times. 08/23/2018 Gnosticism, Heresy, and Chaos Magic in the Digital Age Aeon Byte: Gnosticism, Heresy, and Chaos Magic in the Digital Age with Steve Dee

Modern Gnostic Cults and Figures

We explore the modern manifestations of Gnosticism on today’s culture. This includes such mercurial figures as David Icke, John Lamb Lash, and more, as well as fiery artists like Philip K. Dick, Grant Morrison, and more. This investigation leads us to deeply understanding our present times of paranoia, conspiracy theory, and polarization – a prediction and promise of the ancient Gnostics. We also get acquainted with the latest Gnostic scholarship — from the Nag Hammadi library to Mary Magdalene.

Astral Guest — Matthew Dillon, Professor of Religious Studies at DePauw University. As a bonus for members, we will provide our Trimorphic Paranoia: a roaring discussion group based on the interview and topic. Astral Guest — Miguel Angel Sanchez, author and illustrator of the graphic novel Starfish. 08/14/2018 Modern Gnostic Cults and Figures Aeon Byte: Modern Gnostic Cults and Figures with Matthew Dillon

The Resurrection as Ghost Story & Ancient Necromancy

Could the folklore of ancient ghost stories be the basis for the resurrection accounts of the New Testament? This intriguing idea takes us into the heart of the magical folklore and necromantic practices of ancient Jews, Christians, and Pagans. From archeological evidence to the latest scholarship, we encounter a Greco-Roman world where the lines between the material and spiritual were very blurred — and this includes Paul’s Christ who might have been a supreme specter.

Astral Guest — Robert Conner, author of Apparitions of Jesus: The Resurrection as Ghost Story. 08/04/2018 The Resurrection as Ghost Story & Ancient Necromancy Aeon Byte: The Resurrection as Ghost Story & Ancient Necromancy with Robert Conner

The Left-Hand Path & the Brotherhood of Saturn

We quest for a profound understanding of the Left-Hand Path — from the ancient Gnostics to today’s Temple of Set. What accurately defines this Promethean ideology? What is being Luciferian in reality? Our exploration also focuses on an overlooked but influential secret society that draws directly from Classic Gnosticism: The Fraternitas Saturni (Brotherhood of Saturn). In the end, we contend that a lack of Left-Hand Path spirituality is what is dooming modern culture – and how to gain that perennial Gnosis.

Astral Guest — Stephen E. Flowers, author of Lords of the Left-Hand Path and The Fraternitas Saturni. 07/27/2018 The Left-Hand Path & the Brotherhood of Saturn Aeon Byte: The Left-Hand Path & the Brotherhood of Saturn with Stephen Flower

The Gospel of Thomas

We thoroughly explore the origins, history, and doctrines of the Gospel of Thomas. This includes deciphering many of the sayings with the latest scholarship and theological insights. Is the Gospel of Thomas Gnostic? Did Eastern faiths like Buddhism and Hinduism influence its message? Can this text be relevant to today’s modern issues? Beyond the electrifying ideas of our guest, we provide a profound bonus from a hitherto unpublished interview with the late and great Acharya S on Christianity, Buddhism, and Mythicism.

Astral Guest — Robert M. Price, author of Holy Fable Volume Three and the upcoming Holy Fable Volume Four. 07/18/2018 The Gospel of Thomas Aeon Byte: The Gospel of Thomas with Robert M. Price

Gnosticism, God & the Meaning of Life

We provide an edgy and soul-provoking group discussion on several deep topics – relating them to the Gnostic worldview. What are the origins of life and what is the nature of the various divine entities? Is there such a thing as free will? Our dialogue also includes the notions of consciousness, the failure of scientism, and the Archons (as our alien overlords). Lastly, we speculate on the solutions to smashing the Black Iron Prison and renewing the human mind.

Astral Guests — Christian Smith and Scott Smith, author of God Reconsidered. 07/10/2018 Gnosticism, God & the Meaning of Life Aeon Byte: Gnosticism, God & the Meaning of Life with Scott and Christian Smith

Gnostic Literature, Cosmic Depression & Replicant Salvation (Anniversary Special!)

Yes, it’s our anniversary special! We celebrate with a new and remarkable work of fiction that covers many of the themes of Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio. We also reflect on the past and speculate on the future of this podcast in these Gnostic times. Beyond this, we address some of the main incarnations of modern Gnosticism including the works of David Lynch, Philip K. Dick, Cormac McCarthy, and more. The escape from the Prison Planet continues.

Astral Guest — Eric G. Wilson, author of Polaris Ghost and Professor of English at Wake Forest University. 07/02/2018 Gnostic Literature, Cosmic Depression & Replicant Salvation (Anniversary Special!) Aeon Byte: Gnostic Literature, Cosmic Depression & Replicant Salvation (Anniversary Special!) with Eric G. Wilson

The Gnosis of Philip K. Dick and CG Jung

Two chief Gnostic revealers of modern times are Philip K. Dick and CG Jung. We parallel and contrast their lives, visions, cosmologies, and prophecies. Above these two giants of mystic heresy, we encounter and experience the sanity-destroying figure of Abraxas. By delving into Dick’s The Exegesis and Jung’s The Red Book, the labyrinth that is existence opens up to the discovery of the soul and the truth of sensible reality.

Astral Guest — Stuart Douglas, author of The Apocalypse of the Reluctant Gnostics: Carl G. Jung and Philip K. Dick. 06/21/2018 The Gnosis of Philip K. Dick and CG Jung Aeon Byte: The Gnosis of Philip K. Dick and CG Jung with Stuart Douglas

Cannabis, Magickal Herbs and the Occult

Cannabis and other psychoactive plants held a vital role in the Occult arts of Alchemy and Magic — and were employed in ritual initiations of certain secret societies. Cannabis also played a pivotal role in medieval and Renaissance magic, appearing in many grimoire recipes. Earlier in history, magical herbs were a cornerstone of ancient shamanism, Jewish & Persian mysticism, and even Classic Gnosticism (perhaps later surviving in the Knights Templar and Assassin traditions). We thread the entheogen needle through all these movements and understand why orthodoxy has suppressed psychedelic experiences.

Astral Guest — Chris Bennett, author of Liber 420: Cannabis, Magickal Herbs and the Occult. 06/14/2018 Cannabis, Magickal Herbs and the Occult Aeon Byte: Cannabis, Magickal Herbs and the Occult with Chris Bennett

Magick and Power in the Age of Trump

Behind the unlikely rise of Donald Trump lie occult forces that still shape his rule. We take an expansive look at these various movements and ideologies: New Thought, Meme Magic, Julius Evola & Traditionalism, Chaos Magic, and more. This exploration faces the rise of chaos gods from ancient Egypt, postmodern mysticism, and Randian superheroes. What’s more, we find that radical magical thinking informs today Russian and other European politics. And does the Left have a metaphysical answer or is it dependent on only secular solutions?

Astral Guest — Gary Lachman, author of Dark Star Rising: Magick and Power in the Age of Trump. 06/06/2018 Magick and Power in the Age of Trump Aeon Byte: Magick and Power in the Age of Trump with Gary Lachman

Visionary Art and Sacred Codes

Visionary art is a prime tool to harness higher consciousness and draw revelations from the imaginal realms. It is a form of Gnosis or “visionary seeing.” We discover the approaches and history of visionary seeing, from William Blake to HR Giger, from ancient Egyptian Mysticism to Renaissance magic. This exploration includes the maps to the divine found in Gnostic texts like the Secret Book of John, Neoplatonic theurgy, and Eastern ecstatic meditation. In the end, you will gain the sacred codes to see both beyond the stars and into your authentic self.

Astral Guest— Laurence Caruana, author of Sacred Codes. 05/29/2018 Visionary Art and Sacred Codes Aeon Byte: Visionary Art and Sacred Codes with Laurence Caruana

John Dee and Enochian Magick

Get ready for a comprehensive overview of John Dee’s life and work— including the sage’s scientific achievements, intelligence and spy work, imperial strategizing, and Enochian Magick. This establishes John Dee as a singular force and driver of Western history, as well as a profound influence on modern occultism. Our exploration of Dee’s legacy includes the magical innovations of Aleister Crowley and the manic genius of Jack Parsons. From making contact with Babalon to the coming of new aeons, we are Dee-lighted on these current magical times that might be nothing more than an angel apocalypse.

Astral Guest — Jason Louv, author of John Dee and the Empire of Angels: Enochian Magick and the Occult Roots of the Modern World. 05/17/2018 John Dee and Enochian Magick Aeon Byte: John Dee and Enochian Magick with Jason Louv

The Nature and Origins of the Archons

We face the disturbing truths about the Demiurge and his Archons — in Gnostic Gospels and beyond. Could the battle between man and Archon transpire not just across history but the universe itself? Could the Archons be more mechanistic than ever thought of before, surging in today’s technocracy for one final conquest? We find this and more out, weaving in innovations to the concepts of karma, UFOs, Egyptian mysticism, and the dying/rising godman. Ultimately, we gain a spark of hope in defeating the real overlords of the material domains.

Astral Guest — Frank Divita, author of Voice of the Angel: Healing Oracles from the City of God. 05/09/2018 The Nature and Origins of the Archons Aeon Byte: The Nature and Origins of the Archons with Frank Divita

Gnostic and New Age America

Despite these times of ignorance and anger, alternative spiritualities are surging in America. People are increasingly seeking the benefits of Gnosis and engaging heavily with New Age. Can Gnostic philosophy work in modern times? What are the benefits and challenges of the New Age movement as a whole – like appropriation and merchandising? We find all of this and more, including understanding modern manifestations of occultism like meme magic. Lastly, we recap the Gnostic America Conference and address overlooked esoteric exemplars like Nevil Goddard.

Astral Guest — Mitch Horowitz, author of Occult America. 05/01/2018 Gnostic and New Age America Aeon Byte: Gnostic and New Age America with Mitch Horowitz

The Lost Knowledge of the Imagination

Imagination is a core aspect of being human — allowing us to create, innovate, and enter higher states of consciousness. However, modernity and scientism have sidelined imagination, replacing our ability to experience greater truths with mechanistic thinking. For the sake of a better future, we must once again leverage the power of imagination as the great minds and movements of the past did so well. The benefits of tapping into the imaginal are supported by both ancient philosophies and the latest developments in neuroscience. Not only is imagination essential to our knowing reality to the full but to our very humanity itself.

Astral Guess — Gary Lachman, author of The Lost Knowledge of the Imagination. 04/23/2018 The Lost Knowledge of the Imagination Aeon Byte: The Lost Knowledge of the Imagination with Gary Lachman

Overcoming and Mastering Karma

We understand the doctrine of karma, including its many misunderstandings and parallels to other ideologies. This exploration includes accessible ways to overcome and master the karmic forces in your life: ethics, spirit guides, mindfulness, soul-purification, past-lives work, and more. Can we break the bonds of fate and predestination? From ancient Gnostic praxis to novel insights on Hinduism, we face instant and non-instant karma to find liberation.

Astral Guest – Edward Pandemonium, author of The Karma Sutra: A Process of Liberation. 04/13/2018 Overcoming and Mastering Karma Aeon Byte: Overcoming and Mastering Karma with Edward Pandemonium

Erotic & Esoteric Spirituality

Beyond a fascinating biography of a chief scholar in Western Esoterica, Jeff Kripal, we deeply delve into the intersection of esoteric and erotic spirituality. This includes the sexual expressions of religion and their tragic suppression. From Hinduism to American Christianity, we uncover erotic undertones that liberate the artistic souls of humans. And study how intense sexuality is found in famous poets, extraterrestrial encounters, and (of course) Gnosticism. As a bonus, we are joined by Dr. Joanna Kujawa, who discusses Tantra, the relation between Sophia and Shakti, the sensual dimensions of Mary Magdalene, and much more.

Astral Guest — Jeff Kripal, author of Secret Body: Erotic and Esoteric Currents in the History of Religions, as well as Professor of Philosophy and Religious Thought at Rice University. 04/06/2018 Erotic & Esoteric Spirituality Aeon Byte: Erotic & Esoteric Spirituality with Jeff Kripal

Liberating Prometheus & Atlas

Within the empowering archetypes of Prometheus and Atlas reside the Gnosis to vanquish the nihilistic materialism and rootless rationalism of the modern West (as well as Abrahamic religious fundamentalism). This realization harnesses the soundness of alternative science and perennial philosophies —  all by tapping into the Gnostic, Hermetic, Neoplatonic and other Hellenistic wisdom that promotes higher human consciousness. The results are a fiery fusion of the horizons of the Eastern and Western worlds, pointing to an integral society wherein the modern barriers between Science, Religion, Politics, and Art have been dynamited.

Astral Guest — Jason Reza Jorjani, author of Prometheus and Atlas. 03/26/2018 Liberating Prometheus & Atlas Aeon Byte: Liberating Prometheus & Atlas with Jason Reza Jorjani

Mary Magdalene: High Priestess of Ancient Mysteries

New Testament research reveals that Mary Magdalene was the heir to the arcane mysteries of the Jesus movement. Mary was the first Pope. This guarded, sacred knowledge details key information on the nature of the universe and astronomical science that humanity would not discover until modern times. We can trace this hidden tradition and its gematria secrets to the priesthood of the Moses tabernacle in the Old Testament — as well as in coded data found in the Flood Story, Jacob’s Ladder, the Book of Enoch, and more. And uncover if this astrotheological Gnosis derived from the Egyptian or Babylonian Mysteries.

Astral Guest — Michael Hearns, author of Mary Magdalene – The First Pope. 03/18/2018 Mary Magdalene: High Priestess of Ancient Mysteries Aeon Byte: Mary Magdalene: High Priestess of Ancient Mysteries with Michael Hearns

Gnosis of the East, Ragnarok & the Kali Yuga

We gain deep esoteric secrets from one man’s journey to discover authentic and unbroken magical traditions in the East. In a beautifully evocative account, we find ancient Gnosis through his eyes, from forbidden sexual rites to Dionysian religious festivals, from entering the black womb of the goddess Kali to experiencing the Abraxas-like countenance of Shiva himself. Even more, this odyssey brought new awakenings in the West and a return to pagan roots — with an ultimate encounter with forgotten Scandinavian gods ushering Ragnarok (which eerily relates to the dusk of the Kali Yuga). In the end, all these revelations point to how the Gnostic attitude on the cosmos is close to right, as well as the inner nature of all gods.

Astral Guest — Aki Cederberg, author of Journeys in the Kali Yuga: A Pilgrimage from Esoteric India to Pagan Europe. 03/09/2018 Gnosis of the East, Ragnarok & the Kali Yuga Aeon Byte: Gnosis of the East, Ragnarok & the Kali Yuga with Aki Cederberg

Ancient Shamans, Jungian Archetypes & the Monomyth

The hero’s journey monomyth is at the core of stories worldwide among indigenous peoples, the ancients, and our modern society. We explore the deeper roots of the monomyth by looking at how hunter-gatherers viewed themselves within the natural and spiritual worlds through Paleolithic cave art from 40,000 years ago. With these insights, we deeply understand the history of western consciousness, from ancient Egyptian monuments to Greco-Roman mysticism, from Sahara nomads to many of the great mythic thinkers in the last century. It’s a journey of astrotheology, innovative archeology, and Jungian/Campbellian Gnosis into the heart of reality and what it means to be human.

Astral Guest — Bernie Taylor, author of Before Orion: Finding the Face of the Hero. 03/01/2018 Ancient Shamans, Jungian Archetypes & the Monomyth Aeon Byte: Ancient Shamans, Jungian Archetypes & the Monomyth with Bernie Taylor

The Shack (Novel & Movie)

We get deeply acquainted with an inspirational and mystical narrative: The Shack, both a best-selling novel and box office hit. This includes a penetrating view of many of the film’s evocative scenes — especially one where Sophia makes an appearance. On this journey, we encounter fascinating perspectives on the notions of sin, redemption, faith, forgiveness, and the nature of eternity. Beyond this in-depth analysis, the author grants intimate insights on his quest for spiritual liberation and making peace with divine providence. Lastly, we offer a lengthy bonus where a threesome that includes past guests provides the Gnostic viewpoint on the themes of The Shack.

Astral Guest — Paul Young, best-selling author of The Shack. 02/21/2018 The Shack (Novel & Movie) Aeon Byte: The Shack (Novel & Movie) with Paul Young

Secret Symbolism in Occult Fiction, Horror Movies & the Film Mother!

We explore a new and exciting novel that is partially based on the darker side of occultism— accurately drawing from forbidden grimoires and historical demonic rituals. Continuing a lesson of dealing with power-hungry gods, we deconstruct Darren Aronofsky’s misunderstood film Mother!, mining this Gnostic tale for arcane revelations on the archetypal fallen goddess. We end this left-hand magical journey by analyzing several classic horror movies including Rosemary’s BabyAngel Heart, and Jacob’s Ladder, again returning to the themes of Archons ruling a prison planet with impunity and what to do about it. This includes understanding the social/supernatural forces that influenced the creators of these films, some accounts the stuff of conspiracy theory dreams and MKUltra factories.

Astral Guest — Robert Sullivan, author of Cinema Symbolism 2 and A Pact with the Devil (Witches of Highgate). 02/13/2018 Secret Symbolism in Occult Fiction, Horror Movies & the Film Mother! Aeon Byte: Secret Symbolism in Occult Fiction, Horror Movies & the Film Mother! with Robert Sullivan

The Gnostic Origins of Christianity

Recent scholarship argues that original Christianity was comprised of a spirit-possession cult that owed allegiance to the mysterious Queen of Heaven (later associated with Sophia). These Nazar or “priests of Melchizedek” would evolve into formative Gnostics and compete with orthodox Jewish and Christian strains. We deeply explore these primordial Christians and their tenets, covering so many developing works and heretical figures — including Simon Magus, Paul of Tarsus, Basilides, Cerinthus, the Ebionites, Valentinus, the Book of Revelation, the canonical Gospels, and much more. All of this leads to the chameleon nature of the ultimate trickster deity: Jesus Christ.

Astral Guests — Tim Claason, publisher of Tim Stepping Out, and Alex Rivera, author of Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled and Crimson Dusk. 02/06/2018 The Gnostic Origins of Christianity Aeon Byte: The Gnostic Origins of Christianity with Tim Claason and Alex Rivera

The Broken Key (Movie)

We explore a new and fascinating film that delves heavily with mystic themes and symbols: The Broken Key. Beyond starring famed esoteric/sci-fi stalwarts such as Christopher Lambert, Rutger Hauer, and Geraldine Chaplin, this thriller takes audiences on an occult journey within a dystopian future that our culture might face soon. The plot involves Alchemy, ancient Egyptian religion, Tarot magic, Astrology, and much more. From Horus to Hieronymus Bosch, from sacred geometry to Dante’s secret revelations, the protagonists face arcane evils and futuristic oppression to unlock the doors of human divinity trapped in a mechanistic universe.

Astral Guest — Louis Nero, writer and director of The Broken Key 01/29/2018 The Broken Key (Movie) Aeon Byte: The Broken Key (Movie) with Louis Nero

Aleister Crowley in America

We take an electric journey with Aleister Crowley during his years in the New World — largely based on research previously undiscovered by biographers and scholars. This mystic adventure includes Crowley’s views of American art and spirituality, as well as torrid relationships/encounters that shaped much of his views. We also address many controversial issues of the Beast, such as his racial/gender attitudes, magical conflict with WB Yates, and what is the central truth of “Do What Thou Wilt.” Of course, the topic of Crowley’s relation to the ancient Gnostics is dealt with deeply.

Astral Guest — Tobias Churton, author of Aleister Crowley in America: Art, Espionage, and Sex Magick in the New World. 01/22/2018 Aleister Crowley in America Aeon Byte: Aleister Crowley in America with Tobis Churton

Evolution 2.0

What if the two sides of the evolution debate are both wrong and right? Groundbreaking scholarship supports that the world wasn’t created in a few days, but it also demonstrates that evolution is a dynamic system that is not random or accidental. The forces that shape nature show design — with changes that are targeted, adaptive, and aware. We explore the next evolution of the Theory of Evolution, much of the data already established and peered-reviewed (and often suppressed by both religious and secular). These findings not only lead to the reality of an intelligent universe but also to the secrets of consciousness. Of course, we deeply delve into Gnostic and esoteric views of evolution, the creation of the universe, and the meaning of life.

Astral Guest — Perry Marshall, author of Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design. 01/15/2018 Evolution 2.0 Aeon Byte: Evolution 2.0 with Perry Marshall

Ayahuasca and Other Spiritual Drugs (Ancient & Modern)

Ready to get higher for this early year? We explore the traditions and history of modern shamanistic sects that employ Ayahuasca and other entheogens. This exploration includes the darker aspect of psychedelics including MKUltra and other CIA shenanigans. Then we go back in time to understand how ancient Jews, Pagans, and even Gnostics leveraged psychedelics for higher experiences – and how orthodox forces brought down the hammer on these mystic rituals. Lastly, we sojourn to the Book of Genesis to find startling truths about the Serpent, Elohim, and the fall/redemption of man, which point to our sober reality where we really need to get higher and expand our consciousness.

Astral Guest — Danny Nemu, author of Neuro-Apocalypse. 01/05/2018 Ayahuasca and Other Spiritual Drugs (Ancient & Modern) Aeon Byte: Ayahuasca and Other Spiritual Drugs (Ancient & Modern) with Danny Nemu

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