Creating Christ

A new book, decades in the making, provides pioneering scholarship on how Roman authorities manufactured Christianity. The work presents archeological evidence as well. Beyond understanding the origins of Christianity, we explore the historicity of Jesus, various Pagan mysteries, and ancient social engineering that still affects society today.

Astral Guests – James. Valiant and Warren Fahy, authors of Creating Christ: How Roman Emperors Invented Christianity.

Astral Cohost – Robert M. Price, author of Blaming Jesus for Jehovah: Rethinking the Righteousness of Christianity.


Creating Christ Aeon Byte: Creating Christ with Robert Price, James. Valiant and Warren Fahy

Heretics Anonymous 8: Gnosticism in Modern Times

In our “ogdoad” episode, we were joined by Gnostic bishop Lainie Peterson, Christian Smith, and Scott Smith, author of God Reconsidered. From the culture of Gnostic churches to the pressures of modern culture, it was a penetrating group discussion on Gnosticism in modern times. The conversation got very philosophical personal, and touching at times.


Gnosticism in Modern Times Aeon Byte: Gnosticism in Modern Times with Lainie Peterson, Christian Smith, and Scott Smith

The Gnosis of Rudolf Steiner

We mine the Gnosis of one of the chief esoteric exemplars of modern times: Rudolf Stiner. Our quest takes us to parallel traditions of self-awakening that include Sufism, Theosophy, and, of course, Gnosticism. More than a historical understanding of Steiner, we find the Red Pills he left behind for our transformation and liberation in a dying, mechanistic world.

Astral Guest – Laurence Galian, author of The Sun at Midnight.


The Gnosis of Rudolf Steiner Aeon Byte: The Gnosis of Rudolf Steiner with Laurence Galian

Heretics Anonymous 7: Gnostic Themes in African Spirituality

Samuel Hannah joined us in another galvanizing YouTube Live session. Plenty of Gnosticism, Ifa, Voodon, Greek Mythology, and the places where they all intersect. And much more. We were also joined by Occult Fan and the Moondog, answering questions from an electric chatroom.

Production might have been a bit off. As many of you know, my computer died the real death. I conducted and mixed this interview on a loaner. But thanks to the aeonic support of many listeners, I was able to quickly raise funds for a new broadcaster of Gnosis. I’m truly humbled and grateful! I’ve lost about ten days of work, but new podcasts will be out in about a week.

Vance and Luthien were great as always and forever. Again, thanks for keeping this Red Pill Cafeteria open. You Truthseeker Warriors are the best.


Gnostic Themes in African Spirituality Aeon Byte: Gnostic Themes in African Spirituality with Samuel Hannah

The Rape of Eve and the Reality of the Archons

Within central Gnostic texts, we find a common disturbing storyline: Eve in the Garden of Eden suffers graphic sexual violence at the hands of the Demiurge and his Archons. This narrative of brutal oppression, suppression, and control reveals profound cosmic truths and psychological processes that thunder across history— still relevant in today’s culture. Yet within the harrowing tests of Eve, who is an avatar of Sophia, lies a lesson of restoration, dignity, and healing love. And so much Gnosis.

Astral Guest – Celene Lillie, author of The Rape of Eve: The Transformation of Roman Ideology in Three Early Christian Retellings of Genesis, as well as Director of Adult Education and Spiritual Formation at First United Methodist Church in Boulder, Colorado and an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado Boulder.

As a bonus, we’ll provide a Trimorphic Paranoia for members. Dr. Joanna Kujawa joins us in a group discussion to relate her views on these Gnostic myths and the Eastern versions of sexual predator deities, among other topics.


The Rape of Eve and the Reality of the Archons Aeon Byte: The Rape of Eve and the Reality of the Archons with Celene Lillie

Dark Occult and Social Engineering

Western culture continues to devolve, likely by the eugenic hands of magicians and oligarchs in high places. Society is on the brink of collective madness. We quest for the unseen and “hidden in plain sight” archons that have engineered our consciousness — many of them sacred cows in esoteric circles. As with our guest, this grim discovery also leads us to find our inner Aeon.

Astral Guest – Jasun Horsley, author of The Vice of Kings: How Socialism, Occultism, and the Sexual Revolution Engineered a Culture of Abuse.


Dark Occult and Social Engineering Aeon Byte: Dark Occult and Social Engineering with Jasun Horsely

Heretics Anonymous 6: Freemasonry Today

Join some high-ranking Freemasons on the latest Heretics Anonymous.

Darren Lorente-Bull returns to the Virtual Alexandria to discuss his new book, The Other Brotherhood: When Freemasonry Crossed The English Channel, as well as a “state of the union” of present-day Freemasonry.

We were also joined by Occult Fan and the Moondog Vance, creating a dynamic group discussion and a deep dive on various secret societies, past and present.


Freemasonry Today Aeon Byte: Freemasonry Today with Darren Lorente-Bull and Occult Fan

Finding the Self in a Philip K. Dick World

The quest for who we really are is almost impossible today. In between Archons tightening their geopolitical claws and digital realms of deafening solitude, can we find any version of our Self (and Higher Self)? We quest for the Self and how to express our souls, delving into forbidden art, a Buddhist/Gnostic fusion, and so many Doorways of Perception.

Astral Guest – Zebra Love, author of The Indwelling.


Finding the Self in a Philip K. Dick World Aeon Byte: Finding the Self in a Philip K. Dick World with Zebra Love

Heretics Anonymous 5: Astrotheology, Gematria & The Christ-Myth Theory

We get mythicist on yo ass in episode five of Heretics Anonymous. Alex Rivera, Derek Lambert, and Luther G. Williams join the Virtual Alexandria for an electric discussion that spans many esoteric theories of Christianity and Christ. We also tap into the scholarship of Robert Price, Acharya S, Richard Carrier, Joe Atwill and more, adding new research, all to explore the historicity of Jesus and secrets of Gnosticism. From Pythagoras to the Book of Revelation, we leave no mythical stone unturned.


Heretics Anonymous 5 Aeon Byte: Heretics Anonymous 5 with Various Guests

Flat Earth, Nephilim and the Book of Enoch

Why is the Flat Theory growing in acceptance with Millennials, and what does this say about humanity’s evolution? More important is what this theory reveals about the nature of the cosmos and those who control it, agreed by ancient texts like the Book of Enoch and certain Gnostics sects. Are we trapped in a Devil’s bargain or is Lucifer lighting the firmament with a new revolution for the young and hopeful?

Astral Guest – Lee Austin, author of Morning Star’s Tale.


Flat Earth, Nephilim and the Book of Enoch Aeon Byte: Flat Earth, Nephilim and the Book of Enoch with Lee Austin

Heretics Anonymous 4: Aliens, Politics & the Fall of Materialism

Alex Tsakiris joins Heretics Anonymous to discuss a variety of incendiary topics. We were also joined by Occult Fan and the Moondog Vance, all of us reflecting on 2018 and speculating on 2019 from an Esoteric perspective. It was a disturbing but amazing discussion, always brimming with humor and personal insight.

As a bonus, I include a past interview with Alex that focuses on his book Why Science is Wrong About Almost Everything.



Heretics Anonymous 4: Aliens, Politics & the Fall of Materialism Aeon Byte: Heretics Anonymous 4: Aliens, Politics & the Fall of Materialism with Alex Tsakiris

Jung, Addiction, and Archetypal Evil

Many are unaware that CG Jung’s ideas were instrumental in the creation of Alcoholic Anonymous. Even less know that Jung and Bill Wilson, the co-founder of AA, corresponded late in their lives. Their exchange provided unique insights into addiction, recovery, and the nature of evil. What we gained is the Gnostic solution to the problem of theodicy, as well as the means for an alchemical redemption every person can attain.

Astral Guest — David Schoen, author of The War of the Gods in Addiction: C.G. Jung, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Archetypal Evil.

As a bonus, Scott Smith, author of God Reconsidered, joins us for a Trimorphic Paranoia, sharing his own experiences with alcoholism, Jungian solutions, and cosmic iniquity.


Jung, Addiction, and Archetypal Evil Aeon Byte: Jung, Addiction, and Archetypal Evil with David Schoen

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