Margarita Simon Guillory is now on to discuss Louisianian Hoodoo Rituals:

Margarita explains the magical materials used in Louisiana for rituals. Sand was used a lot, a representation of matter and control.

New Orleans became a hot ,bed for African spirituality and artistic expression, from the 19th century to the present. Hoodoo is a blended system of African rituals with organic materials to draw desired results on clients. Material manipulation and magnetic drawing are common.

Hoodoo-ists believe sand is a magnetic material useful for creating desire in people of all sorts. It can also cause rejection.

Sand can:

  • Bring spouses back home
  • Attracting partners or friends
  • Getting money
  • Giving death to people

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream!

Hoodoo works by a master giving a supplication to a god, through a poem or music. In one example, a horse shoe is sprinkled with silver and gold magnetic sand. Then this should get your husband back!

Margarita gives other examples, like a lady who can’t keep friends around. Woman supplicates to the god people just don’t want to hang out with her, and she’s lonely. The god says to put a bag around her neck, made of animal skin from some mountain, with silver magnetic sand and violet root. This makes the person a virtual magnet for lady friends.

In another ritual, the god says to throw sand on the floor with the names of people you don’t like. Rub the papers into pieces, and pick it all up. Throw in a box of iodine, and light black candles on each side. That should kill your enemies!

All these rituals depend on magnetizing the world around you. This attracts spirits that will make your will be done.

Basically revelatory forms of esoteric knowledge to get what they want.

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