Brent Landau is discussing Gnosticism in New Age and UFO

Brent starts with the apocryphal Revelation of the Magi, a popular medieval text.

The text has become more popular in the last five years, and embraced by the UFO crowd and New Agers. Why?

  1. The star of Bethlehem and Jesus are one and the same.
  2. The shape shifting Christ says he’s been here before.

Jesus is basically a Star Child.

Brent actually wrote a book The Revelation of the Magi. Mmm…future interview?

In fact, his publishing it in 2010 that made it widely available to the UFO crowd and New Agers.

In the text, the Magi come from far away, possibly China. They are called Magi because they pray in silence (?), and they guard the books of Seth, waiting for god to come in mortal form.

At last the star appears and then transforms into child. The magi follow the floating child to Bethlehem. The child then tells them to go back to their homeland and talk about the arrival of Jesus. People convert.

Years later, Judas Thomas shows up and baptizes the Magi and has them go spread the gospel.

Once Brent’s book came out, UFO people started harassing him at his office in the University of Oklahoma. He ignored all of them even some people the alternative media. They are convinced the Jesus/Star is an alien that arrives through a star gate/wormhole.

Books have been written on Brent’s work!

Of course, it can’t be because later gospels wanted to focus on the missing childhood of Jesus, it has to be aliens! But it’s not all fan fiction, Bent says, because of the rigid rituals it conveys. It possibly is speaking to an entire community. The text also is strong on experience, and thus it might be about a community who shared in this mystical experience.

It is interesting, Brent says, that a huge amount of UFO encounters deal with little people (child). Beings of light is also common.

Aliens or Saviors, or as Brent argues, entheogens because in the Revelation of the Magi people have visions right after they eat special food.






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