The Vine of Adam by Laurence Caruana


Now Matthew is talking about Laurence Caruana, visionary artist and a past guest of the show.

Laurence found the passage in the Gospel of Philip where you must enter the image and into the truth. It transformed his art and two books.

For Laurence, there is The One flowing into Archetypes flowing into Cultural Symbols and flowing into Individuals.

We see this Laurence’s book The Hidden Passion, where there is an earthly Jesus and a higher Christ, certainly echoing the work of Grant Morrison.

The Gospel of Philip also speaks one most be born through the image of resurrection in order to be a living Christ (as happens in Laurence’s book). Seeing the vision of Christ can turn you into a Christ, as perhaps it happened with Paul.

The novel also deals with the connection of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, a lower representation of the cosmic Christ and Sophia.

Matthew now talks about Jonathan Talat Philips, also a past guest of Aeon Byte. Philips, through drugs and Christ Mythicism, finds a healing model for the soul that can fit into many esoteric religions. He fuses kundalini yoga with Gnosticism, and certainly a lot of Gospel of Thomas.

Basically, one can melt ancient Gnostic thought with modern occultism…make it your own and damn the historical torpedoes. And Philips had certainly had a lot of visions, culminating with Jesus in digital form granting peace (and echoing PKD, Morrison, and the UFO Gnosis crowd).




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