Matthew Dillon is next to talk about Resurrecting the Gnostic Christ in Contemporary (Non) Fiction.

He starts by quote Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles, where a character says: “We have to save the past from the future.”

That is saving Gnosticism.

And that is how Morrison saves Gnosticism in his work, bringing Archons against new tech Saviors (The Invisibles).

Morrison studied Gnosticism to assist his fiction and Chaos Magick, but then he had experiences in India in the 90s. He had Gnosis similar to PKD, full of digital lights and the parting of reality. He also realized we lived in a hologram created by gods. Morrison had arrived to the reality of the characters of The Invisibles.

5th Dimensional Gnosis: Gnosis with science fiction that deconstructs reality.

Morrison started like one of the characters, King Moth. In fact, when King Moth was tortured in one writing, later on Morrison got really sick with similar symptoms. He knew King Moth was the new savior of fictional religion.

In another scene, Living Information is trapped in an undeground base along with UFO’s. The Invisibles need to free it from the Archons. “You are playing a game disguised as everything.” Good and evil are illusions, only liberated matters. Gods and demons are fiction; they are us and they can be transformative.

Jesus was a nice guy, Christ is the story that came from it and can awakens us.




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