Mark P

Mark Pilkington is next, but will be delivered by a student:

Talking about UFO’s and Gnosis!

Discussing UFO experience and how cosmic they are. There is light, vibration, and a celestial choir, in one account. There is a sense of oneness, it seems.

Mark explains UFO experiences are an encounter with the ‘other’ and thus a form of religious experience. There have been many people interviewed, and they all fall in this category. (Jung was very interested in UFO’s, for his own work on archetypes).

Groups have appeared that attempt to channel UFO’s, but it’s all like a religious cult or mystery religion, like the Venusians in the desert a few decades ago. They are a reaction and infusion of the atomic age.

Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard embraced a very dualist form of Gnosticism, where we are trapped an earth ruled by bad aliens, waiting to return to a galaxy of light beings.

Of course there are the Realians, a benign UFO religion. They are very active and influential. Science fiction and conspiracy theory has elevated the interest in the 90s until today.

The main point is that many of these encounters reveal that humans are lights trapped in bodies, destined for something great. Even in alien abductions there is stories of a kidnapped dude being shows his true self. Some individuals, including a famous composer, said his talent was beamed down from other planets. Gnosis from outer space!

The dark culmination of this is, of course, Heaven’s Gate in the 90s. This group committed ritualistic suicide with their leader Marshall Applewhite, in the hopes of leaving their bodies for a passing comet. Applewhite told his followers the body only housed the soul and needed to go home…released when the comet came around.

It is Gnostic, except that the Gnostic wouldn’t accept the Divine Spark is meant to travel anywhere in this universe, but beyond.

UFO Gnosis is great, but reach beyond the stars!




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