Erik  is talking about Dick’s love for the Hymn of the Pear, which he find in the Encyclopedia Britannica.

If you don’t know the story, read it and get back!

Dick admitted the Hymn of the Pearl encapsulated all of his ideas.

In later story, Dick went to the pharmacy and could not find that delivery woman with the fish necklace that gave him his Valis experience.

Erik Davis said Dick was playing a game of hide and seek, forgetting and remembering, basically like the god who is lost in matter of some Gnostic texts.

Davis now talks about The Divine Invasion, Dicks expression of Kabbalah. In it God is expelled from earth and has to return in a form of the child, in a distant future. The book is about humanity’s awakening to their divinity in a world that rejects. There is always an alarm clock telling us to wake up. Wake up!

Strange that Dick prophesized his own future in earlier novels. That obsessed him. It drove him to understand more the Hymn of the Pearl, where the character is the redeemed redeemer, a savior that has forgotten he came to this world to save.

Davis said Dick never saw himself as a Savior, but an apostle who was passing on the message of everyone’s own inner savior.

Dick said his writing was not fiction but revelation, all sent by none other than Sophia!


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