Victoria talks about Russian mysticism, beyond Blavatski and Gurdjieff. Seems the Russian state promoted science fiction because people couldn’t get enough and UFO mania has always been strong in Russia.

Once the Iron Curtain went down, Shamanism, New Age, and racists mystic religions rose up in Russia.

The Ice Trilogy makes fun of them. It has parallels with the Night Watch series from Russia ( loved those movies!).

20th century Russian fiction is full of occult movies were people find secrets that make them divine. They are more than social messages but metaphors to man becoming god and the fall of the Archons.

In the end, Sorokin says that Gnosis is subversive because awakening is more powerful than any political system. He says we are cosmic being created by a higher intelligence. We are not meat machines.

The Children of the Light are us, partly 23000 lights and partly meat machines.

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