David quotes something I say on the show often, by Simon Magus: Thou and I art but one.

It’s not pantheism, but we all have that divine fire that is endless.

David doubts Simon wrote The Great Declaration. Regardless, it’s not about being arrogant and thinking one is God, but that every human has that potential. We are all part of divine self.

God engages in an act of self-reflection. We are all fragmented reflection of God.  Self-knowledge is god knowledge, as Clement of Alexandria and so many others said.

There is nothing in Simon about rebelling against any deity. The Gnostic is just god’s child separated, captured by a foolish king in thrown in a mad house.

Children recreate themselves all the time. So does the Gnostic. More than divine, David says, we are all works of art.

Well said!


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