Frizt Graf

Fritz Graf is no some possible rituals on the Gnostics, gleaned from Irenaeus and his monkeyshines.

The Gnostics hung out with pagans in animal sacrifices and other festivities. They were normal citizens of the Roman Empire who likely had sexual relationships. Yes, they had dark myths but these were part of their mysteries to Achamoth, as Irenaeus says. Achamoth is Sophia, and it became an initiatory cult the Gnostics joined to transcend the flesh while on earth.

A person become permanently transformed, according to Irenaeus, discussing also Marcus the Magician. Irenaeus says Marcus is possessed by a Daemon that gives him powers.

Graf relates the Gnostic rituals to the Bacchus/Orpheus mysteries that Plato talked about. The description of their rites is eerily similar to that of Marcus and his Gnostics. Is Irenaeus placing these rituals on the Gnostic to make them libertine, or were the Gnostic actually part of that mystery religion tradition.



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