Zorostrianos talks about the cyclical voyage of souls, and their karmic rewards/punishments. Certainly echoes some of Plato’s work.

Only the enlightened Sethians have access to Barbelo who has access to the Invisible Spirit.

Zeke talks about ‘cognitive transgression’ of souls, echoing the fall of Sophia.

They say in AA and A Course in Miracles that our ‘thinking went wrong’ and here we are. Philip K. Dick that man’s fall was an intellectual one and not a moral one.

That’s what the Sethians are saying, but they also say that the main transgression is thinking you can be/know The One immediately, without divine assistance. This all from Zorostrianos.

Remember when Plotinus said the Gnostics contended you needed an angel to have Gnosis? We can become gods, but we need a lot of help and we need to think right.

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