In Ennead 2.9 Plotinus bitches about the unnecessary use for complicated theological myths by the Gnostics.

To Plotinus, The One is too transcendent and cannot have any mediator (like Barbelo).

But Plotinus keeps riffing on the Gnostics, that naughty Platonists.

Of course, the idea of the Demiurge is really where they split. And also that the Gnostics created dimensions of repentance and purgation before a soul reached the higher realms of consciousness.

Turner is now going on how Plotinus says what the Gnostics got right they got from Plato, and the rest is archon-s**t. He says the Gnostics have no philosophical etiquette. It pisses him the Gnostics would draw on barbarians like Seth, Adam, and other OT characters.

The Gnostics felt that one needed angels for assistance to have any Gnosis. Plotinus contends one can contemplate without spiritual beings.

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