Heresy shouldn’t be this much fun, but it just is. That’s what I say on the show, but it certainly will be the case at the Gnostic America Conference.

If you’re in the Houston area from March 28 to March 31, join me at Rice University. The Gnostic America Conference will be a gathering of more than 20 of today’s chief experts on Gnosticism and Western Esoterica. The event will include papers, discussions, movies, and music — all focused on Gnosis in Americana and how to heal a Blue Pill-stuffed culture. Many past guests of the show will be present, including April DeConick, Jeff Kripal, Arthus Versluis, Erik Davis, Lance Owens, and Fryderyk Kwiatkowski. The rest of the attendees are is just as Demiurge-killer. I look forward to meeting all these brilliant heretics.

I will also be giving a lecture dealing with how these are Gnostic times, the evolution of Gnostic studies, and how Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio originated (and tie the topics together). Other lectures will cover Hermeticism, Theosophy, a Course in Miracles, Kabbalah, Heaven’s Gate, Jacob Boehme, the film Dark City, and much more. You’ll definitely get Pleromic doses of Philip K. Dick and CG Jung.

If you can’t make it, worry not, as I’ll be broadcasting the event through social media and other channels, often in real-time. Please follow #gnosticamerica on Twitter and get ready for concentrated Gnosis in many forms.

I am truly honored for this opportunity. Heresy is fun, but it also tends to place you with kindred souls who are searching for the truth while avoiding those who have found it. Heresy creates experiences for lifetimes.

More information below for thee:

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