It’s been a busy week in a busy month across a busy year for Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio. I thought I’d take this time to post some of the happenings for you Truthseeker Warriors wandering your own Deserts of the Real.

As many of you know, we have a new look to the website, and please check it out and don’t be afraid of feedback (or finding some of the Archons still making a mess of some pages). It was a great effort by a small, volunteer group of esoteric hobbits, and the ring seems to have fallen into the right Mordor.

My interview for The Higherside Chats is out: almost two hours of all things Gnostic, from Simon Magus to how Gnosticism is more relevant than ever today. I truly enjoyed talking to Greg. Beyond being the peak in media when it comes to conspiracy theories and the occult in general, dude is a good man who cares deeply about a human race trapped in the hologram of the Empire.

I was also just interviewed by another Knight of Valis, Joe Weigant, on his radio show, The World Beyond.

Lastly, just in case you missed, check out my article for Graham Hancock, The Return of the Gnostics.

That’s a lot of me, it seems, but there will be a lot of you as new and intriguing episodes are on the docket for your liberation.

Yes, it’s been insanely busy and things are looking up with new looks and new models and new vistas to promote the Gnostic wisdom to a world that has become the place the Joker and the Thief really want to get out of (borrowing from Dylan).

Which is weird, because right now I feel like shutting it all down. I’ve lost track of things, my tank is empty, and the ring seems to have fallen out of my pocket anyway.

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