Dr. HermanSJr. joined me to discuss ways to reverse the massive tide of continuous brainwashing from media, government, society, and even relationships. You’ll get the answers to these crucial questions:

  • How do we even know we’ve been mind controlled in the first place?
  • Why are the most intelligent/wisest in culture often the easiest to manipulate?
  • How can we help others understand that dark propaganda has polluted their psyches?

Beyond these Red Pill answers, you’ll get simple, practical exercises that strengthen the intellect and create a moat around the psyche. From Tarot reflection to detachment rituals, you’ll find practices that work for your current mental situation.

Herman’s books on our topic: Metaphysical Science, Psychology & Tarot Activity Book: Fun, Never-Ending Psychological Activities To Transform Your Mindset and Influence Yourself & Others With Psychological Strategy: A Concise & Easy Analysis & Guide To Develop Holistic Vision.

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