Gnostic Vowels Exercise & Video

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Below is the Gnostic Vowel video, and please download the exercise here. This will enrich your spiritual/psychological life (or as “psychospiritual”). And it’s just a small part of my new program “Finding Hermes.” (see below the video).

As I mentioned before, I have been on a journey to unlocking the mysterious Gnostic & Hermetic rituals and practices – not the occult or ecclesiastical reconstructions – but systems that are loyal to these ancients who overcame the bonds of material pain and made contact with higher forces. In essence, and as Carl Jung claimed, the Gnostics found the secrets to both finding your authentic and higher self.
This is called Gnosis.

I want to share these rituals and exercises with you, and it’s something thousands of listeners of Aeon Byte have asked for more than a decade. Gnosis has allowed me to overcome my own addictions, mental issues, and lower emotions like fear. Gnosis has shown me worlds within me a world beyond this world I couldn’t have imagined ever existed.

Gnosis has set me free.

if you’re interested or want to learn more, contact me for a chat.

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