The Gnostic nightmare seems to have come true in modern times. Humanity suffers under oppressive, surveillance, and stagnant systems, ruled by godlike overlords that stifle creativity and individuality. As some have said, it’s Philip K. Dick world. How did this happen and what can be done to break the bonds of the Archons? Our guest offers solutions and insights into dissolving the veils of the Matrix and restoring Sophia. Beyond Gnosis for the ages, we find that 2017 is indeed a year of the Apocalypse — while 2018 brings possibility but also more psychic death in the forms of transhumanism, transgenics, and a holographic geopolitical world. No one gets out of here sane.

Astral Guest —  Chris Knowles, author of Our Heroes Wear Spandex and The Secret History of Rock’n’Roll.

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