Do you have Gnostic tendencies? You probably ought to have more than tendencies to survive these Philip K. Dick times. For this, our guest discusses his new book, a collection of exceptional articles dealing with ancient and modern Gnosticism, and all manner of esoterica, from over 15 years of research. We mine this work for useful and startling insights — including novel views on the Gospel of Philip and Thomas, Gnostic texts possibly written by women, the Gospel of Barnabas, empathy in the 21st century, the fall of the soul, deciphering On the Origins of the World, and much more. And for the first time, our guest talks about his journey into having Gnostic tendencies (and being a successful author).

Astral Guest — Andrew Phillip Smith, author of Gnostic Tendencies: Collected Writings on Gnosticism and Lost Gospels.

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Silent No More: Gnostic and Orthodox Gospels Written by Women (article based on Andrew’s new book)

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