The Gnosis and Tragedy of the Yezidi

Being persecuted is a badge of honor for many religions, just as feeling persecuted is so intoxicating many of today’s sociopolitical movements. Victimhood paradoxically seems empowering, liberating, even divine — although much of the time it’s a diabolical grab for...

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Is John’s Gospel Gnostic?

By Robert Price   Who Dares? As far back as the fourth-century faction of the Alogoi who wanted to bar the Fourth Gospel from the emerging New Testament canon,[i] the Gospel of John has now and again been suspected of being Gnostic in character. The greatest...

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Amorous Archons in Eden and Corinth

By Robert Price   A preoccupation with the textual minutiae of Scripture may stem from either a strict belief in verbal inspiration or simply the scholarly love of trivia, but in any case few Bible students can resist a good exegetical puzzle. One of the most...

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The Gnostic Moby Dick

Most of us have read Moby Dick, or are at least familiar with Herman Melville’s classic. Many of us know the metaphors and symbols and pathos of this great American novel. We heard it all in high school and perhaps found insights once we got older — as the whales of...

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The Great Declaration of Simon Magus

Introduction and translation by Robert Price  Simon Magus (the Mage, the Magician) is a fascinating character whom we meet in Acts 8, where he is depicted as a charlatan, though perhaps with real supernatural powers. He is a temporary and easily vanquished competitor...

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Was Jesus Christ a Gnostic? (part 2)

By Alex Rivera (Read Part 1 Here) Although this will undoubtedly ruffle many Orthodox feathers—outside of the Bible, we have some evidence that a group of ancient Gnostics, called the Naasenes, in which the church father, Hippolytus, discusses at great length and...

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