The Best Gnostic Television Ever

The revolution will not be televised, but it seems that isn’t the case with Gnosis. And why not? I’ve discussed in the past how the coupling of movies and Gnosticism has provided groundbreaking chronicles —  as well as some of today’s chief modern myths like The...

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“Judas” was James

By Robert Wahler   I am a practicing mystic. I have been for most of my adult life, 42 years (initiated in 1976 by Maharaj Charan Singh). When Miguel invited me to write about Judas for his blog, I decided to address it directly to Christian Mythicists. While Aeon...

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The Gnostic Influence on Modern Cults

Gnosticism doesn’t matter. Gnosticism is irrelevant to today’s issues. The Gnostics are just long-dead mystic-anarchists who got crushed by more organized movements. Who cares about Gnostic thought? And so forth. I get these themes often in comment sections on my...

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The Most Overlooked Gnostic Movies Ever

The mercurial matrimony of Gnostic philosophy and sci-fi movies continues to mature. It’s more of a Promethean honeymoon perhaps, with recent love-children being Mother! and Blade Runner 2049, or stream-friendly content hits such as Westworld and Altered Carbon. This...

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Judas Iscariot: Good, Bad, or Ugly?

By Brett Strohl   I’d imagine during the Easter season most normal people tend to contemplate the resurrection, but for some reason my mind always starts wandering toward one of our more controversial texts, The Gospel of Judas. I suppose there are a lot of reasons...

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Join Me at the Gnostic America Conference

Heresy shouldn't be this much fun, but it just is. That's what I say on the show, but it certainly will be the case at the Gnostic America Conference. If you're in the Houston area from March 28 to March 31, join me at Rice University. The Gnostic America Conference...

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