How is Your Life in a Philip K. Dick World?

“We live in a Philip K Dick world now." Michael Moorcock   I really enjoyed our recent interview with Erik Davis, my favorite Philip K. Dick scholar and all around great guy (I’ve had the honor of hanging out with him in person twice, and can confirm he’s a blast to...

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My Appearance on TruthBump

Check it out and check out of mundane reality for a spell or two: my appearance on TruthBump, a documentary on fringe podcasters. It was produced by my friend and fellow Truthseeker Warrior, Alex Tsakiris. I'm unsure about the release of the other documentary...

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The Gospel of the Living

By Armunn Righ I Out from Life, timeless, Pure and True existence, a new daughter emerges: Sophia, naive and beautiful, dreamy and restless. Her betrothed, already designated by her Father, was merely pending on her maturation for the Union to be consummated. But in...

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Time Bandits: A Gnostic Odyssey

So many Gnostic movies to cover, and Kronos is so greedy with time. But sometimes it’s good to steal some of that time back by mining for that timeless Gnosis in a film…so let’s talk about Time Bandits, Terri Gilliam’s 1981 fantasy This is one Gnostic-themed movie...

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What is Freedom?

By Rui Diniz Freedom is the key word that most attracts souls to begin the study of Gnosis, that ineffable understanding that in leaps and bounds emerges when conditions allow it. The choice of a set path or of an adventurous individual journey is, in itself, already...

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