How Gnostic Spirituality Changed the World

Most of us want our spiritual “stuff” to be original, or at least think that our traditions came from some exclusive explosion of wonder and innovation — something radical at least. We just know our soul or consciousness is unique, and the same should go for our...

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What Is Gnosticism? [Video]

At its basic level, Gnosticism is a term coined by English philosopher Henry More in the 17th century to describe some heretical Christians in the Book of Revelation. At its most sophisticated level, it is experiencing the representation of The All — as the character...

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The Gnosis

By Robert Price   It will come as no news to you that I find Gnosticism very fascinating, and that for a number of reasons. As Hans Jonas explained, it is a mythologized portrait of a particular kind of life-stance with which we may identify without signing on for all...

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