The Radical Way Gnostics Used Magic

When thinking of the ancient Gnostics, one might hold an image of esoteric Christians steeped in prayer and meditation — spiritually laboring to unify with the Monad. The syncretic meme of Jesus sitting in a lotus position comes to mind, perhaps. But what if that...

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The Return of the Gnostics

A candidate wins the U.S. presidency and a considerable part of the population rejects the results, embracing exotic stories of birth certificates or Russian meddling. Captains of commerce like Elon Musk contemplate that humanity might be living in a simulated...

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The Wizard of Gnoz

By Vance Socci   There is a 20th-century Gnostic ritual that started in 1956 and was performed annually to this day.  It’s called “The Wizard of Oz,” a phenomenally popular children’s movie with definite esoteric elements. There are few of us who don’t remember the...

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The Best Gnostic Television Ever

The revolution will not be televised, but it seems that isn’t the case with Gnosis. And why not? I’ve discussed in the past how the coupling of movies and Gnosticism has provided groundbreaking chronicles —  as well as some of today’s chief modern myths like The...

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“Judas” was James

By Robert Wahler   I am a practicing mystic. I have been for most of my adult life, 42 years (initiated in 1976 by Maharaj Charan Singh). When Miguel invited me to write about Judas for his blog, I decided to address it directly to Christian Mythicists. While Aeon...

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The Gnostic Influence on Modern Cults

Gnosticism doesn’t matter. Gnosticism is irrelevant to today’s issues. The Gnostics are just long-dead mystic-anarchists who got crushed by more organized movements. Who cares about Gnostic thought? And so forth. I get these themes often in comment sections on my...

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