Who Are the Gods? (Video)

New video, and this time it gets unreal cause I made it myself! Demiurge bless video software and an Icarian imagination. Like my drivel intros, my video creation will be an evolution. I do I hope I have come close to capturing the essence of my favorite passage in...

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Welcome to Planet Earth (Video)

Proud to present a short video that hopefully sets the stage for the new year and beyond. I narrate a poem by the wonderful Caitlin Johnstone, as well as add a few of my Gnostic musings at the end. The video was created by the also-wonderful mind behind Altrusian...

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Paulicians: Alone with the Demiurge

By Alexander Maistrovoy   How does an idea lay a path for itself in the thicket of centuries? Why does the spirit reveal himself in a certain place at a certain time? How does a thought return to the place where the chapter has been closed once and for all? Five...

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Gnosticism, Abducted and Defiled

By Alexander Maistrovoy   Recently I spoke with my friend (quite an erudite person) about total moral and spiritual degradation of West; about its corrupted values. Who is guilty in such a sad phenomenon? "Sure, it's them… Mmm… Gnostics…", - he said thoughtfully....

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A Kabbalistic Approach to the Matrix

By Dr. Nicolas Laos, Author of the book “The Meaning of Being Illuminati” (Cambridge Scholars Publishing)   The highly influential science-fiction movie “The Matrix” (1999), created by the American film and TV directors, writers, and producers Lana Wachowski and Lilly...

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Jesus and the Abyss

By C.Hunter    Revelation to this day is one the strangest books in existence, esoteric, ambiguous, and filled with Abyssal monsters and destruction. It compares Jesus to a monstrous-looking being and yet also brings a new and better world in the wake of the...

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