Our gods, those fonts of inspiration and entertainment, these days manifest as comic book heroes. Actually, many comic book heroes are directly based on ancient deities, rebooted to enlighten western culture. In a two-part episode, we delve into these themes and other relevant theological/cultural themes.

In our first half, the minds behind the upcoming and exciting documentary, Batman & Jesus, connect past and present dying and rising godmen (and of course share about the movie itself!). We also discuss social issues and the Mythicist Milwaukee Conference IV, where Islam and the Trump era take the main stage at the Buzzed Belief Debate.

In our second half, the Bible Geek himself explains the Jungian allure of modern comic book heroes. This includes how many of the Old Testament patriarchs were originally gods, marketed to their audiences as the comic book heroes of their days. Was Joseph really Osiris? Was Abraham originally a moon god? Were Zeus and Hermes actually the angels that visited Lot and his salty wife? Lastly, we gain the authentic truths behind such tales as Sodom and Gomorrah, the empire of King David, the Garden of Eden, and much more.

And yes, each guest tells us which is their favorite Batman movie. Don’t change your bat channel because there will also be plenty on the Gnostics.

Astral Guests — Jozef K. Richards, director of Batman & Jesus; Sean Fracek, founder of Mythicist Milwaukee; and Robert M. Price, author of Holy Fable.

This is a partial show. For the second half of the interview, please become a member.

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