We humbly invite you to the first-ever Aeon Byte conference and genesis of the annual convention dedicated to Gnosticism.

As an age ends for humanity, let us find together a new age by experiencing that intersection of Gnosticism and the stars.

Like the saga of ancients Gnostic traveling through star portals, the event will focus on unveiling the cosmic forces enslaving humanity (archons/mind parasites/extraterrestrials) while finding that liberating knowledge from higher intelligences (Aeons/Pleiadians/VALIS).

Astro Gnosis is a three-day event of presentations and panels from the best minds in Ufology, Gnosticism, and alternative history – as well as experiential discussions and rituals.




The Reef Coco Beach

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico Región 6, Calle Flamingo Mz 7-Lt 1, Luis Donaldo Colosio, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico (30-minute drive from Cancun International Airport)

Includes: One day of presentations, one day of panel discussions and Q &A’s, one day of a tour of the Mayan Piramide del adivino (Magician’s Pyramid), and some stargazing.



  • One day of several one-hour presentations (brief Q&A)
  • One day of panel discussions and Q &A’s,
  • One day of a tour of the Mayan Piramide del adivino (Magician’s Pyramid) and some stargazing.
  • Casual get-togethers


More Astral Guests to come! Speaking schedule and small social events (hanging out in bars!) will come out in February.


  • Access to all speaker presentations
  • Access to panels and Q&A
  • Coffee, tea, snacks (morning); full lunch (afternoon)
  • Gifts and swag

Exclusive beachfront resort with affordable prices, surrounded by lavish tropical restaurants/events in one of the most exotic (and mystical) places in the world.

Pyramid tour is separate. More information TBA.


Price goes to $300 in February. Limited spots as we plan for an intimate gathering that will extend beyond the scheduled event in the form of small social events. No plans for streaming. Pyramid tour separate and tickets TBA.

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