After Aeon Byte’s  highly successful first event, we turn our sights from the stars to the rulers of fate and the stars.

Meet the Archons.

The Gnostics provided a stark panorama of stellar overlords who ruled fate and oppressed freedom. Are the Archons the ruling gods, fallen angels, extraterrestrial invaders, or unattended psychic shadows? All of the above and maybe even more?

Can the Archons be overcome?

Expert speakers will address these questions and the very idea of iniquity itself from a Gnostic/Hermetic worldview. And we’ll have fun too!

Get the tools and information in this exclusive event that includes panel discussions, social events, and mini workshops. Partly held on John the Baptist Feast Day that will let the sunshine in.

Presented By Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio: June 23-24, 2023 

Early bird special: $20 off. Prices go up in April
Code: archon



The Theosophical Society

A true honor that the conference will be held at one of the great centers for open-minded inquiry, science, and the arts to understand the wisdom of ages and explore personal transformation.  The campus itself is an oasis of peace and contemplative energy.

1926 N Main St, Wheaton, IL  60187 (less than a 30 minute-drive from O’Hare International Airport)



  • One day of several one-hour presentations (brief Q&A)
  • One day of more presentations, panel discussions with Q &A’s
  • Social event with meet and greet of presenters and organizers
  • And more! (see below)

Early bird special: $20 off. Prices go up in April
Code: archon


SCHEDULE TBA (ALL Times will be CST)



  • Access to all speaker presentations
  • Access to panels and Q&A
  • Access to campus, library, and other amenities.
  • Gifts and swag
  • Digital access to replay

Early bird special: $20 off. Prices go up in April
Code: archon

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