The third Astro Gnosis Conference goes into the heart of Gnosticism. Sophia fell and the simulation began. Find the truth about the Divine Feminine in Gnostic tradition, ancient and modern. Experience Hagia Sophia in all her manifestations: Gnostic Goddess, Fallen Hypostasis, the Holy Spirit, Mother of Demons, Alien Scientist, Gaia, Mary Magdalene, etc. Can we reverse Sophia’s error by understanding this coded existence programmed by archons, or is this where we find our authentic selves with Lady Wisdom as our constant companion?

Find out with the best and brightest scholars and researchers on Gnostic thought. Experience two days of high-quality presentations, panel discussions, and workshops. And what would a simulation be without social events, gatherings, and vendors?

Presented by Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio

August 9 & 10, 2024 



The Theosophical Society

The event is held at one of the great centers for open-minded inquiry, science, and the arts to understand the wisdom of ages and explore personal transformation.  The campus itself is an oasis of peace and contemplative energy.

1926 N Main St, Wheaton, IL  60187 (less than a 30 minute-drive from O’Hare International Airport)



  •  One day of several one-hour presentations (brief Q&A)
  • One day of more presentations, panel discussions with lengthy Q &A’s
  • Social event with meet and greet of presenters and organizers
  • Two Sophianic workshops to connect with the goddess from witch/diviner Maja D’Aoust and mystic healer, Diana Kelly. One immersive sound meditation from shamanistic teacher Jay Taylor.
  • And more!


SCHEDULE TBA (ALL Times will be CST)



  • Access to all speaker presentations
  • Access to panels and Q&A
  • Access to campus, library, and other amenities.
  • Gifts and swag
  • Digital access to replay

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