Understand & Overcome the Archons With Full Access to Astro Gnosis 2

More Than 12 Hours of Presentations & Discussions From The Greatest Scholars and Visionaries in Gnostic & Hermetic Thought


AstroGnosis 2 was a huge success at the Theosophical Society. By popular demand, all the event is available. Beyond the one source on the Gnostic idea of suffering and evil, it was actually fun and full of historical & spiritual insights. Here is some of what is covered:

  • The historical/mythological origins of the Archons
  • How the Archons overlap with fallen angels, haughty gods, Nephilim, extraterrestrials, Mind Parasites, and just plain bad people
  • The Gnostic view of reality and how an individual can awaken from the simulation
  • Psychological and artistic interpretations of the Archons and other cosmic antagonists
  • Revelations on the creation of humanity and the secrets of consciousness

Gain complete access to these incredible presentations:

  1. Miguel Conner: An Introduction To The Archons
  2. Dr. April DeConick: What The Archons Can Tell Us About Gnostic Politics
  3. Richard Smoley: The Archons In Your Mind
  4. Mitch Horowitz: Archons of Materiality
  5. Sarah Elkhaldy: Archons as the Negative Trickster Archetype
  6. Chris Knowles: Our Transdimensional Archons
  7. James True: The Oracle of Mythology
  8. Steven Snider: 1974: The Year The Archons Revealed The Time War
  9. All Presenters: Panel Discussion and Q&A

 Why You Need This Unique Education


Beyond material not found anywhere else in cyberspace or meatspace, you will discover inspiration and ritual to tap into the Gnostic idea of complete individual liberation.

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