Proud to announce Aeon Byte’s first one-on-one video interview. For this privilege, it was fantastic to chat with Richard Smoley on his new book, A Theology of Love. The interview was conducted at the Theosophical Society in Wheaton, IL.

The interview was fun, hard work, and full of learning experiences. I think you’ll enjoy it immensely, and that’s never a stretch when Richard joins the show. With Vance’s sage assistance, the production was something to bed proud of as an independent media entity.

During our discussion of ACIM, we weaved in a lot of other topics including Philip K. Dick, modern politics, Greek philosophy, The Matrix, and more. For AB Prime Members and Patrons at Patreon, you’ll enjoy the bonus that covers the parallels of ACIM and the Gospel of Thomas. That will be included in the audio version, out shortly for everyone on your favorite podcast provider.

I truly appreciate those who support this Red Pill Cafeteria. You certainly made this video happen.


I should mention something that happened towards the end of the interview. I mentioned how I would support Marianne Williamson as a presidential candidate because I feel this nation needs a psychospiritual solution to regain its sanity and confront its collective shadow. Having said that, I’m long done participating in the sham called national elections. The federal government is beyond redemption, in my view, and its time to bring it down with revolutionary ideas. Let’s call a broken spade a broken spade. The Empire Never Ended.

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