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I got a Depo shot 3 months ago but now I want to try to have a baby The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urges women to take 400 mcg of folic acid every day for at least one month before getting pregnant, to help prevent birth defects..So the first month I took it 10 days 10mg never missed a dose took the.Report Ok first of all I of course have the same problem.The Depo shot is safe if you have recently given birth and if you are breastfeeding.Going on three monthI only have one tube and my Dr.My OB/GYN put me on it to help force periods.20th took 10 of them, but i didnt have a period till Nov.Provera by itself is not a contraceptive and won't prevent pregnancy.It can help some women with polycyystic ovarian syndrome to ovulate but you are going to Read More.It takes will provera help me get pregnant an average of 9 to 10 months,   and for a small minority of women up to 18 months, to regain fertility and begin ovulating after.I'm 46 year old Went to Dr If I take it, after I decide to stop could it take me some time to get pregnant?However, some physicians will prescribe a smaller dose of provera for women in long anovulatory cycles, to cause a bleed and hope it kickstarts an ovulatory cycle Metformin is not: Going to have an effect that helps to override depo-provera.Depo Provera does not contain estrogen, so it is safe for women how can't take birth control pills with estrogen.Provera does help regulate the.Tell me what I do get pregnant I been off depo for 3 month now haven’t had a period yet.I was first prescribed with provera and she told me that the bleeding is gonna stop after a few days from taking the medicine.I had a period in April and another in July.Women drink, smoke, do drugs etc before they test positive (and sometimes after) and babies end up being okay for the most part.This is beneficial because it can help make it easier for an egg to implant there once it does become fertilized Will Provera help me get pregnant (by helping me have a period)?So that’s in a perfect scenario, but oftentimes it doesn’t happen so worst-case scenario you can add it later, I just don’t find it to be as effective provera does cause pregnancy.The Depo shot is safe if you have recently given birth and if you are breastfeeding.Ok well I didnt't have a period all summer from june till sept.The dr bumped me up twice and 150 mg is the lucky dose, I have o'd twice now on it and last time af came on its own instead of having to take provera.Theresa says: November 6, 2014 at 11:42 pm What Drugs, Substances, or Supplements Interact with Provera?Slowly the anxiety crept in, then depression and with the full force of 10 yrs ago, OCD.So, Provera falsely act as progesterone in your body.Can the provera help eradicate the myoma?

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Depo-SubQ Provera 104 was highly effective in initial studies So, visit a doctor and get your Provera medicine prescribed, but only after the doctor has checked if you are fit to take it.Doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions or offer you advice, prescriptions, and more Hello, It is possible to get pregnant while on Provera but it is unlikely.My OBGYN put me on Metformin and 10 days of Provera.You could miss a period or have a light period and not be pregnant.It may help you to get your periods monthly and that too only if you are missing your periods for a long time When prescribed for women trying to get pregnant, Provera is usually given for 10 days.Depo-Provera is administered through an injection every three months.I'm not currently trying to get pregnant, but I do want to be able to in the future so my doctor has me trying different stuff now..And will I get preggy if my hubby will use me at this time?Contrary to popular myth, modern IUDs do not hurt your future fertility.If you miss 1 or 2 periods and think you might be pregnant, see your healthcare provider as soon as possible In addition to preventing pregnancy, Depo-Provera seems to have additional benefits just for women with sickle cell.Women with sickle cell disease who took Depo-Provera had less pain crisis episodes than women who did not take Depo-Provera.Without being on birth control or taking provera I have only had 2 periods in the last 6 years will provera help me get pregnant that a pill didnt tell me to have.When you take Depo-Provera CI every 3 months, your chance of getting pregnant is very low.The Depo shot is safe if you have recently given birth and if you are breastfeeding.Depo-Provera is a type of brand-name, injectable birth control that can effectively prevent pregnancy for up to three months.I have been on Metformin for about three weeks.It is not likely to cause a problem if you stop using it due to pregnancy.It took a few days after I finished all 10 pills to start, and it was so light the doctor ordered me to get a pregnancy test.I always get my period during birth control and it's a regular period (I only get no period/ light periods when I switch birth control from branded to generic) yet I'm still scared that I could be like those women 18 months of hell.Depo-Provera, also will provera help me get pregnant known as the birth control shot, is a method of contraception that prevents pregnancy through the injection of a drug similar to the hormone progesterone.I have been taking metformin and it makes me incredibly sickI am trying to get pregnant so I Will taking Provera help me to have a period and produce less painful side effects View answer.If so this would be like a miracle for me as I so so scared of coming off progesterone pills which I feel have really helped keep my endo at bay Getting to Know Depo Provera Depo Provera is a woman's birth control method.Avoid smoking while taking Provera due to a greatly increased risk of blood clots.I have been taking a 10 day course of 10mg generic provera off and one for about 6 months now.Am now taking a high dose of a SSRI to try and get me back on track.Prenatal vitamins, on the other hand, are.After that time a woman can expect bleeding from two to 10 days later.You may not be able to take Provera while also using hormonal birth control So the doctor wants me to continue taking provera every other month for the whole year then we'll do another ultrasound to see if it worked.Joined: Jul 24, 2012 Messages: 14 Likes Received: 0.I was on the shot consistently for almost 10 years- my entire 20's What other information should I know before choosing Depo-Provera CI?Hello, It is possible to get pregnant while on Provera but it is unlikely.This pregnancy wasn't directly after a provera cycle, but I still thought the info might be useful.Use another form of birth control, such as a condom, while you're taking this drug.According to WebMD, the Depo shot is.I took Provera for the first time 2 months ago.In a year of typical use, an estimated 6 out of 100 people using Depo-Provera will get pregnant.She told me to take it for 3 months and we would go from there.But because that isn’t always possible, typical effectiveness is around 94% Provera by itself is not a contraceptive and won't prevent pregnancy.I couldn't get pregnant because of it they put me on Metformin to help me get pregnant.Will Provera help me get pregnant (by helping me have a period)?

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Good luck with this attempt to have a child Did provera help any of you get your cycles straight and ovulate?After my loss and thyroid issues I was having crazy long cycles (~70-80 days), and took provera to end one.According to WebMD, the Depo shot is.My question is I already asked if my husband and I could continue to try to get pregnant and she said yes but to stop taking the provera once I get a positive test and get it confirmed will provera help me get pregnant I took provera to make me stop heavy bleeding then took it to start will provera help me get pregnant period now.Depo Provera does not contain estrogen, so it is safe for women how can't take birth control pills with estrogen.It is a drug that helps PCOS women to get pregnant.And clomid possibly could run this risk.) Maintaining a healthy weight and eating right can help you.Provera passes into breast milk and may harm a nursing baby It's basically driving me insane because I have an irrational fear that I may be pregnant even though I know it's HIGHLY unlikely.I just started taking the half of the provera and I went to pass some stool to find there was blood in it So, visit a doctor and get your Provera medicine prescribed, but only after the doctor has checked if you are fit to take it.(You should stop getting Depo-Provera, injectable shots of progesterone about nine months before you want to try getting pregnant.The past 3 months have been tragic.

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