Overcome Any Shitty Day With Short, Easy Meditations From Revered Traditions

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Presented by the Finding Hermes Program


  • Stuck at the airport gate or store line?
  • Kids broke something at home?
  • Workday goes south because of an issue?
  • Just feeling off?

And you just can’t get to your next spiritual/wellness session fast enough? This is the quick fix you need.

Leverage tried and true spiritual/wellness exercises from across the world. Some take minutes to master and renew your mental state for 24 hours. From ancient Buddhism to Mystic Islam to modern psychology, find what works for you and only you.


Why You Need 10 Snackable Meditations


  • Your wellness routine is important, but sometimes it’s out of reach during the daily grind. Quickly drawing on a toolbox of mindfulness tech gives you the breathing space before your next Yoga/gym/therapy/spiritual routine.
  • ​Easy and quick to learn – whether you’re a spiritual pro or a secular seeker.
  • Drawn from various traditions including Buddhism, Sufism, Occultism, New Thought, and Life Coaching (and “plain ole life experience” from masters)
  • Added wisdom and quotes to further inspire your already awesome and authentic self.
  • Includes bonus 11th snackable meditation, as well as links to broader programs from each tradition.




Why I wrote 10 Snackable Mediations


After many years of spiritual hitchhiking, hundreds of podcast interviews with therapy and religious experts, and publishing esoteric books, I’ve collected timeless wisdom to share with the world. This is part of the promise of my Finding Hermes Program, including the podcast. 

These are uncertain times where we find ourselves more fragmented and stressed than ever. It seems like time itself has become the rarest of commodities.

We need as much spiritual tech as possible, large or small, and what has worked for me and wellness exemplars can work for a better society.

Many of these snackable meditations you will not find on the internet! They are that obscure, and some exist only in oral tradition (until now).

Not happy with the work? I’ll gladly refund ya!

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“I love it. No holier-than-though nonsense, no need to travel to Tibet or pretense. These meditation are for you as you are: a complex human being on an exhilarating and challenging journey. Practical, compassionate, and no-nonsense. Keep it in your pocket at all times.” 

Dr. Joanna Kujawa

Author of The other Goddess: Mary Magdalene and the Goddesses of Eros and Secret Knowledge

 “This short book has a variety of feel-better, instant medicine we all need. Truly, whatever you’re dealing with, there’s something in here you can reach for that will quickly pull you into an altered, healing state; a pathway to your higher mind. Think of it like a small, portable first-aid kit for your psyche.”

Rachel Conerly

Executive Coach

“F***ing brilliant, man. Exactly what people need.”

Scott Smith

Author of God Reconsidered and The Soul of Your Pet

Some of the Meditations Found in 10 Snackable Meditations

Sufi one-sentence prayer

Embrace the day with a short Islamic mantra from a Sufi master and scholar. No found anywhere on the internet.

Self-Remembering Exercise

Recall your authentic, free self any time of the day and find the energy to overcome issues. From Gurdjieff himself.

Prison Cell Meditation

Spending years in prison, Damien Echols learned the mystic secrets of ultimate emotional freedom and shared them after being found innocent. Learn how to always be at peace in any situation or location.

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