Why the Nag Hammadi Library Was Buried (it’s not what you think)

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  1. F A Riad says:

    I don’t find the argument convincing..
    Were there any skeletons/sarcophagi/artifacts discovered around? No.
    Just giant jars loaded with documents.
    And who was the deceased? Sethian? Valentinian? You have documents from various sects which rejected each other.
    Who were the church fathers who claimed the Gnostics had sex magic documents? The only case I can think of is Epiphaneus when he claimed the Gnostics had a book called The Greater Questions of Mary. But Epiphaneus is not reliable and he may have made the whole thing up to fuel hatred against the Gnostics.

    • Miguel Conner says:

      We certainly cannot trust the church fathers. However, Plotinius and Celsus claim the sexual rituals of the Gnostics, and they are reliable (everything else they said about Gnostic Christians was correct).

      As far as the site, the texts were found in the antiques market with some wild stories attached to them. I don’t think we really know where they were originally buried.

    • Andrew says:

      The main reason for burying them was to suppress the TRUTH. What came out of the Roman Empire that holds a great footing in society?? Roman Catholic Church is the answer. What do you think all those monks were doing writing in the monasteries? History says that they were writing and rewriting scripture as pentance. Lmao, they were rewriting the Bible that’s what it was. Ask yourself who and what has brought more death and destruction on this world?? Don’t forget about the Inquisition!! They went around the world decimating the populations under the pretense of ” convert or die”. Huuuummmm, sounds like a really great religion to be apart of. What came out of the Roman Catholic Church?? All other forms of Christianity!!!! Man people are dumb. Famous philosopher said “Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible God and destroys a visible Nature. Unaware that this Nature he’s destroying is this God he’s worshiping, Hubert Reeves.” This is why the Nag Hamadi was buried because Gnostiscism would have taken over the old Rule of Thought and our world would be very different indeed. The Bible is nothing but facts mixed in with fantasy and you you have to weed through the BS. Book of Enoch coincidently fits in history because we can actually fit the accounts with VISUAL sites around the world and the COMMONALITIES of ALL the previous cultures of coming from reptile beings. Thus once you enter that realm you put yourself up for some major persecution and ridicule. Because oh noooooooo, they don’t want you to know the TRUTH, they want you CONTROLED. What better way to control a civilization then to put a person, let’s use Jesus for instance, up on a pedistool and say he was God incarnate so you as a human can’t do what Jesus did which was save it’s people from a false reality because he was God. What people miss is that he was an ACTIVIST!!! I believe he was a man just like you and me and was able to accomplish what many have not so they needed to “twist” the story around and manipulate, distort and corrupt the Truth. You wonder how that’s possible?? Lmao humor yourself today and first use Google as the search engine and type in ” defintion of socialism, communism etc” and see what you find out lol. First defintion you see given by Google should make you want to tear out your eye balls and hair lmao. I have alot more that I can’t write, more then welcome for any one to call me and have a respectful debate about what you think life is and reality is. Reality=Truth/Truth=Reality

  2. Strange how a plausible answer was staring us in the face and we just didn’t see it. Given the content of the Nag Hammadi texts, this explanation really makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing it Miguel – your article just changed my way of looking at the reason for the buried texts (too bad we don’t have the archaeological evidence…).

    • Miguel Conner says:

      Thanks and always good to hear from you, Laurence! In the end, any insights on the culture of the ancients, even Christians and Jews, is speculation and reconstruction. But some just make more sense than others.

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