What Would a Gnostic Government Look Like?

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  1. Lupe says:

    Very interesting article because I have been thinking about the same thing or more in general what politics should a gnostic have I think I agree with your point but I guess how to get there and how to implement it will be more difficult or as the saying goes the devil is in the details I come from a background of socialists anarchists communist Chicano nationalist and they all seem to have noble goals but I saved three more left it I have found it harder to also share their black and white way of seeing the world if I have free will life and hypocrisy among these groups like I have seen those amongst the ruling Elites so then so this leaves me without really knowing what to do exactly as far as political action goes.

  2. Sophia Jung says:

    Good read 🙂 I think maybe one day it will be possible, for now it’s just utopia 🙁

  3. Rafi Simonton says:

    It’s no wonder Gnostics have avoided politics. All too easy to devolve to the level of defending territory and displaying power like any scent marking frill raising reptile mind does automatically. Check out the comments at Daily Kos that show the same angry “us v. them” mentality as used by conservative trolls. So what that liberals have a better vocabulary.

    It’s a truism that liberals believe “we’re all in this together” and conservatives believe “it’s every man for himself.” That liberals are comfortable with change and ambiguity and encourage their kids to be curious and creative. While conservatives want stability and certainty and expect their kids to be obedient and to respect authority. Yet don’t Gnostics value tradition, individual effort, and spiritual expertise based on long experience? Point is that if we are to change the political situation, we have to get past the limits of the Aristotelian either/or.

    IMHO, the prophetic (social justice) can be considered left brain whereas the right brain is the realm of the arts and mysticism. I consider the pillars of kabbalah to be a mirror, reflecting innate structures. The left pillar, which contains representations of the harsh rule of power and of left brain rationalism, became dominant. Not entirely a mistake– this produced individualism, the idea of justice, and modern science. But that’s only half the story. In order to be fully what we are, that repressed right pillar must be revived. Which is the role of the Gnostic, that inhabitant of the middle pillar who has experienced the unity of the mystic, the creativity of the artist, and is able to join both to an articulate rationalism and a sense of social justice.

    That dangerous sephirah of Daath is key. Becoming lost, dry, full of doubt, in anguish, the archons urging one to just give up. But the initial glimpse of light at Tiphareth is the energy that pushes the spiritual explorer through Daath even when nothing seems like all there is. Remember, even Christ experienced “my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” We are living through a collective Dark Night of the Soul. It is the ultimate task of the Gnostic, as is revealed in the Dialogue of the Savior, to oppose the powers who rule by fear. Those who risk the passage through Daath confront darkness and death and learn that they have no real power over us. FDR’s message during the Depression is needed today: “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

    Gnosis does not mean despising the Earth and physical existence or seeking to escape responsibility. It is to rejoice in the exuberance of biological diversity. To understand the extensive webs of biological symbiosis. To make real the claim in the Gospel of John that Christ brought life, and “life more abundantly.” Any change begins with a vision of what is possible. Gnostics have seen, we know, and we can make it real! Every living thing on this planet cheers us on. And so do the great spirits above.

  4. mr. lister says:

    I don’t think Miguel spends enough time with his spiritual children. In fact I think daddy prefers wattery tarts. When he is not collecting pins for his lapel, he out pinning a tale on some donkey bitch. His wife is probably a catholic or russian orthodox. I certainly don’t want to know the governing principals of Mr. Miguel Flanneries bedroom. I don’t why I brought it. Oh shit the babby just woke up. Is it shit, piss, food, or soothe this time! Fuck, were out of diappers. I hope walmart is still open at this hour, god damned minimum wage slaves, if it weren’t for them I would have to use old t-shirts.

  5. Kevin. says:

    What would a Gnostic government look like ?
    The PKD quote :
    ” To fight the empire is to be infected by its derangement. This is a paradox : whoever defeats a segment of the Empire, becomes the Empire, it proliferates like a virus, imposing its form on its enemies. Thereby it becomes its enemies. ”

    I like the implied need for detachment ; for me it’s very Gnostic.
    Or, do we need a daily dose of bad, centralized, mind control to top up the daily suffering imposed by our earthly lives ?
    We only start to wake up, when we realize that we have become our own enemy ?

    Keep up the diverse entertainment topics, and thank you Miguel for all you throw out into the Kenoma arena.
    Hopefully the lions get devoured.
    Stay detached ………… you will be assimilated……… resistance is futile.

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