Was Jesus Christ a Gnostic? (Part 1)

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8 Responses

  1. This is the teaching of after-the-master-is-dead salvation — THE ANTICHRIST that Jesus taught against in Matt. 24. This is the FALSE Gospel “concerning me” -Hebrew original Matthew 24:14. You Missed John 6:40. It is NOT seeing mentally. It is seeing a living Master PHYSICALLY as 6:36 indicates. Read my book “Saviors” – or “Misreading Judas”, I cover John 6:40 in both.

    • Alex says:

      Robert, are you saying that Christ’s own words and teachings should be also considered AntiChrist? How does that make any sense? I cover John 6:40 in Part 2, don’t you worry. The Christ encounter is experiential not mental. Hence, Gnostic.

    • Alex says:

      And I do cover John 6:40, in this article as well, in case you missed it.

  2. Yeshua21 says:

    Interesting and informative piece, but keep in mind that it can be as misleading to idealize gnosis and gnosticism as it is to demonize it. It’s really very simple…


    • Alex Rivera says:

      Gnosticism is just a term invented by scholars. We only use it out of convenience. Yes, Gnostics worship the Living Christ, not his dying body. You should also read the Acts of John.

  3. steve says:

    A fascinating read, as usual sir! I’ve been reading up a lot on Gnosticism as it is practiced in modern “left hand” traditions like the OTO or occultists like Clement de Saint-Marcq. Alex, are familiar with the research of Leo Zagami or P.R. Koenig?

    • Alex Rivera says:

      Steve, hi. Thank you for the comment. I am familiar with Zagami but haven’t listened to him in a long time. Koenig, for sure. The OTO people hate him and treat him as a joke but he’s right on the money with Crowley and Saturnian Satanism for sure. My coauthor Tracy Twyman has a book coming out soon that touches on all that. Our Baphomet book gets into LHP, the occult and Gnosticism in depth, with some shocking conclusions. Check it out!

  4. Captain Howdy says:

    Alex, have you tasted Jesus’ special meat and drank his agape love? And if so, when you confessed with thy mouth did you pause to contemplate the Lord’s glory with unveiled face?

    Or are you waiting for the last day, should Jesus raise it up again? (…and again …and again …and again.)

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