The Darkest Apocalypse Ever Conceived Came from the Gnostics

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  1. Johnnie says:

    These very profound musing are in and of them self deciphering the paradoxical riddle of the fall…..maybe the earth is a penal colony for fallen angels……as a anti astrologer astrologer was fascinated by the esoteric speculations of the 13th zodiac sign…..the caballa daath hidden in plain sight….astrologers as a whole have a real handle on how the laws of maya enslave the soul…but alas no clue about how one might wake up in our own private ground hog day……gnosis as such is that affect which transends mere cause….when we know what that is everyone wakes up…….

  2. O_o blink My fascination with the whole Archons & their meaning (& or dwelling) began with individuals such as David Icke & John Lash.. What troubles me is the idea of how they can cause mischief & human complications. If this is fate arranged, preordained, planned out by the Demiurge & gods having a golf match in the foothills of Golgatha.. I mean it’s batshit crazy on acid, topped with DMT & Terrance McKenna laughing with ‘evil-elves’ passing around high grade shrooms from the Amazon women on the moon… Am I wrong? Probably, but loved the articles. 😉 o_O take care gang

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