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Three angels smoking and playing cards

Did the Gnostics Believe in Hell?

The doctrine of Hell may have lost some of its fire in the modern world. Many scholars and theologians now argue that eternal damnation was never in the minds of early Christians or even...

Jesus laughing as he's surrounded by adoring crowds

When Jesus Laughed

Jesus in the Gospels displays a wide range of emotions, but one that is glaringly absent is laughter. Even after his resurrections, widely celebrated during the Easter season, Jesus remains stoic almost to a...

Mary Magdalene holding an alabaster jar

A Complete Translation of the Gospel of Mary

Mary Magdalene is a towering yet enigmatic figure in historical Gnosticism, from the Nag Hammadi texts to the folklore of the Cathars, from the polemics of the church fathers to the theology of modern Gnostic...

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