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The Gnostic Origins of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays most people take for granted but know very little about. And that is because its origins are as mysterious as love itself. Originally known as the Feast...

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The Pagan Origins of the Gnostic Sophia

One of the central myths in most Gnostic teachings is the Fall and Redemption of Sophia—the embodied wisdom of God who, for various reasons, transgresses against the Eternal Realm, gives birth to the World...

The Gnostic Gospel of Coraline

Sometimes I’m late to the game. Life does what life does, and those back burners get filled quickly as professional, family and spiritual fires burn away time. Or maybe I’m like Gandalf with my...

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Gnostic Women Leaders & Heroines Part 2

  The first part of Gnostic Women Leaders and Heroines dealt with the mythical and supernatural female protagonists. This section focuses on the historical and New Testament ones. Although Mary Magdalene certainly takes center...

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Gnostic Women Leaders & Heroines Part 1

Gnosticism has no shortage of enigmatic heroes (or antiheroes, for Orthodoxy). The Gnostic sagas contain a rich variety of male protagonists that include Simon Magus, Jesus Christ, Saint Paul, Marcus the Magician, Valentinus, Doubting...

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