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The Pagan Faith of Martin Luther King Jr.

Once a year the nation celebrates the life of Martin Luther King Jr., a rare individual whose social achievements not only changed history but changed the consciousness of humanity. As a Baptist minister, it’s...

Angelic figure standing before a portal of light and before a pyramid

The Gnostic Cosmos [Infographic]

A main reason I was attracted to Gnosticism was its original, intricate, and potent mythology. It felt like spiritual wasabi to my Daemonic senses. As Erik Davis wrote, Gnosticism had that “an almost sci-fi...

Female angel spreading wings atop clouds

The Pagan Origins of the Gnostic Sophia

One of the central myths in most Gnostic teachings is the Fall and Redemption of Sophia—the embodied wisdom of God who, for various reasons, transgresses against the Eternal Realm, gives birth to the World...

Picture of lion-headed, dragon monster

Why Does the Demiurge Have a Lion Head?

  Every good narrative needs a good villain. In their evocative myths, the Gnostics supplied perhaps the best possible villain: The Supreme Being of the material universe and humanity’s very creator. How do you...

Eve laying with the serpent in the Garden of Eden

Gnostic Women Leaders & Heroines Part 1

Gnosticism has no shortage of enigmatic heroes (or antiheroes, for Orthodoxy). The Gnostic sagas contain a rich variety of male protagonists that include Simon Magus, Jesus Christ, Saint Paul, Marcus the Magician, Valentinus, Doubting...

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